Spinachious an online delivery solution for your restaurant- Support and enhance your food delivery services and enterprise

With the use of technology, Spinachious, which is a cloud-based online program, has made all operations simpler and more efficient and is a proactive delivery solution for any restaurant. Making it simple for your clients to connect with their favorite restaurant in a couple of clicks, and also drawing in new customers.


Spinachious’ software is remarkable as it includes a user app, an admin dashboard, and a delivery driver app. Restaurant delivery operations may be done automatically to enable you to bring in more customers and to promote your latest menu and deals online all the time to ensure your customers are totally pleased.
Moreover, each of the applications, such as the user app and the delivery driver app, has its own set of functionality. The admin dashboard includes tools that allow restaurant managers to connect multiple branches to the app, communicate with customers online about any concerns, manage coupons, monitor analytics and data, and handle orders.


Service staff no longer spend lots of time on the call order processing since Spinachious allows them to be more efficient with their time and serve orders quickly. Thanks to the feature in the software that remembers prior orders in the database, restaurants can now instantly determine customers who are the most valuable to them, making it easier to address customer inquiries. For more details please visit

Team alwafaa@Birla institute

Team alwafaa@Birla institute of technology and science- a golden opportunity to lighten up your career

By hosting sessions at the annual career fair and campus placement of the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Alwafaa, the pioneers in IT solutions and digital marketing, has provided a pleasurable interaction for graduating students. With the aim of assisting students and providing them with knowledge on how to find gainful employment


The fact that Birla institute is regarded as India’s #1 private engineering institute and among the top 100 internationally by QS university- BRICS 2022, was a huge motivation for the graduates to attend the career fair and has provided them with an opportunity to connect with the leading corporations that are seeking potential employees. Furthermore, it is the largest institution offering engineering programs in Dubai international academic city


The fair was held on 31st of March, in the BITS Pilani Dubai, students were given the chance to interact with other students and through that, expand their career horizons.

Moreover, students also had on-campus interviews and were allowed to submit their CVs as recruiting from BITS has a lot of pros, especially it is a multi-disciplinary university with a world-class curriculum Faculty. Special thanks to Mrs.Shakira muneer, Mr.Naji muneer and Mr.Siby PS as they were responsible for leading the sessions.

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Promangrow (PMG)@consulting companies in the UAE- Find the optimal guidance and support for your business

Promangrow (PMG), which was a software created specifically to assist business consulting firms in the UAE and was inaugurated in expo 2020, has proven to be a valuable asset to so many other firms, making the idea of managing day-to-day workflow, sales, and customer service more straightforward and inspiring.


Promangrow’s has a unique way of supporting consultant companies as it uploads all related documents with their expiry dates, so that the system can automatically notify them of their expiry date in advance, allowing managers or those authorized to communicate with customers and prepare for the renewal process. Additionally, the system provides distinct units that each includes a user login for each client, a dashboard and an admin control panel along with other bizarre features.


Moreover, (PMG) software has provided business consultants with essential benefits that are vital for every business, such as accuracy and speed in performance, and ease in usage as it allows a users to submit their request in a very short amount of time.


Staff no longer spend hours on the phone processing since the PMG software’s rapid search feature allows them to be more productive with their time. Consultant firms can now quickly identify which customers are most valuable to them, thanks to a feature in the software that saves previous orders in the database, making it easier to respond to consumer questions. For more details please visit

Kerala startup mission, IPA, Malayali Businessmen – An Opportunity to prosper your business!!

Kerala startup mission (KSUM) being the nodal agency of the government of Kerala for promoting entrepreneurship has made the idea of business growth and prosperity facilitated and more attainable, and that is by providing opportunities for SME businessmen to attend an event arranged with the purpose of grasping an adequate knowledge and experience to grow their business.


This event was also organized by IPA and Malayali with a vision of having the SME businessmen applying technology in their businesses in order to take it to the next level.


“Moreover, this event included interactive forums; one was made for providing guidelines on startup investment and the other was about business growth through applying technology. Not only did this event have forums but also an exhibition.”


The event also provided businessmen with other opportunities like building good relationships with one another that would provide huge advantages for the future within the business as knowledge would also be gained from different experiences as well.
It was conducted on 27th of February at the intercontinental hotel in Dubai Festival City, and free entries was given from the website

Team Alwafaa@ EXPO 2020- A journey to unleash Experience & Opportunities!!

Alwafaa, the leaders of IT solutions and Digital Marketing gifted a unanimous experience for the team with a stunning visit to Expo 2020 Dubai. “Exploring the unique global platform to brim the finest experience with my family”- the comment made by the CEO,Mr.Muneer has conveyed the warmth of love and passion the organization has got to its team.


In the largest venue, the team members explored pavilions, and also by upholding the values of Expo titled, create collaborate and innovate, the team witnessed the pride launch of two Alwafaa products named, Spinachious and PromanGrow.


“A day out with the dearest family at work, that too in a world venue brought immense pleasure and joy to all participants. With fun-filled moments on the bus and exciting experiences in various pavilions, Awafaaians had a memorable time with a day-long trip to Expo. Theme pavilions of Expo 2020 unleashed unique experiences with endless possibilities and the team was overwhelmed to traverse the amazing displays of various countries.”– Said, Mr. Muneer C.


Exploring the world, where opportunities of technology stand out was also an exciting platform to dig into opportunities for the team. At the venue, the team unveiled two brand new products of Alwafaa. Spinachious is the new Restaurant food ordering App for restaurants and PromanGrow is the business consulting software for all sorts of businesses looking for stand-out software solutions for the smooth run of the businesses.

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UAE’s leading IT solutions & Digital Marketing company, Alwafaa surpasses 2 decades of excellence

2002 marked the launch of Alwafaa as an IT solutions and services provider in Dubai. With limited infrastructure and few employees, the company began its journey with greater hope and confidence of founder Mr. Muneer. With exceptional performance and uniqueness in service, within a year of inception the young company bagged the milestone project of the Dubai Shopping Festival to develop its official website in different languages. Since then many prestigious projects became Alwafaa’s hallmark over the next two decades. The latest golden feather in the cap is of being the official software developer for Expo 2020.


“For two decades, we always maintained an utmost commitment to exceptional customer service, employee satisfaction, continuous innovation, and creativity. Backed by the cream of expertise in all fields we serve, Alwafaa has stayed focused and resolute, helping customers to see and overcome any challenges in IT solutions & Digital marketing- I dedicate these two decades of excellence two my people, my family- Alwafaa”– Said, Mr. Muneer C.


Today, Alwafaa Group has widened its operations across GCC countries and is headquartered in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. The company is extending cutting-edge solutions with multiple offices located in UAE, Kuwait Turkey, India, and more. The company is delighted and privileged to compete with the pride and strength of 5000+ clients across multiple sectors. Over the past years, the company dispatched 400+ CMS&E-commerce websites and 300+ owned servers and is continuing the enormous journey with an adept team of 65+ in-house professionals. “Two decades and more ahead, we still focus to develop a global IT culture with substantial and sustainable growth parameters”-Team Alwafaa said.

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Yoast SEO Integrates With Wincher For An Advanced Keyword Tracking

With a recent partnership with Wincher, Yoast SEO offers users advanced keyword tracking to find their ranking position. The new integration will allow users to track up to 10,000 keywords in their WordPress pages. The keyword position tracking feature is open to both free and paid users, however premium users can track significantly more keywords. The major highlight is, even if a free version of Yoast SEO is all users have access to, still users can benefit from this new integration with Wincher without paying for either service.


The tracking work with the Yoast SEO plugin installed on the WordPress site provided that the new integration allows users to track the performance of keywords and see the progress of their optimizations at best. The blend of both sets of data will provide users with even more of the insights required to rank higher in organic search.


Thijs de Valk, CEO of Yoast, states in a press release:

“We’re very happy with this partnership with Wincher. It’ll allow our users to get even more insight into how to optimize their pages. It’ll also make accessing this sort of data a lot easier and more usable. And that is very neatly aligned with our mission: SEO for everyone.” The major benefit of Wincher integration with Yoast SEO is its different capabilities available to free and paid users. The highlights of these capabilities are, the support to:

Track where your content is ranking for target keywords.

Understand your rankings, and differentiate with competitors ranking above you. Knowing where your content is ranking in Google can help you prioritize your content optimization efforts. Have an understanding of your pages, that are ranking well, and which pages could use more work. Monitor all your keyword ranking in one place, with graphs showing the change in position over time.


Differences Between Free And Premium Plans

Yoast SEO and Wincher offer free and paid plans.

Paying for both will allow you to get the most out of this integration, but you can still get limited access without paying for anything. Not a paid user? Here is what you have got with Yoast and Wincher. Not a paid user of Wincher or Yoast: Track up to 5 keywords and 1 keyword per post. A paid user of Yoast SEO but not Wincher: Track up to 5 keywords and 5 keywords per post. A paid user of Wincher but not Yoast SEO: Track up to 10,000 keywords and 1 keyword per post. A paid user of both Wincher and Yoast SEO: Track up to 10,000 keywords and 5 keywords per post.


Even if you are an unpaid user, still you can track the ranking positions of up to five pages or posts at one time, however premium users of Yoast SEO get additional benefits. Paying for Wincher allows you to get the most out of this integration and, also offers a free trial of its starter plan, with tracking for up to 500 keywords in total.


Alwafaa is the leader of digital marketing and IT solutions in Dubai. Being highly committed to deliver exceptional services in minimal budget, we continue to grow along with trends and technology.  We are popular as the the most cost-effective Digital marketing and IT solutions company to perform strategically on each of our client’s needs. Our experts strive to revamp your business with modern trends in digital marketing and updating the business activities with the most creative tactics, which is the necessity to retain customers.

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Tiktok Ranked As The Most Popular Website Of The Year

Surpassing the popular search engine Google, this year TikTok secured the title of the most popular website. The trendsetter social media platform also topped Facebook as the most popular social media website. The survey ranking was revealed as per the latest data from Cloudflare, a web security and performance company. Last year, TikTok, was “only ranked #7 or #8” on Cloudflare’s list.


The company said it is tracking data with the “Cloudflare Radar” tool launched in September 2020. In other words, last year’s data covered only from September to December, and 2021 covers the whole year. “On February 17, 2021, TikTok took the lead in one day,” Cloudflare wrote in a review blog post that year. “Returning to March, TikTok has a few more days and May, but most days TikTok took the lead on August 10, 2021. The day Google was number one. There were a few days, but it was October and November. Most were TikTok days, including Thanksgiving (November 25th) and Black Friday (November 26th). “


Cloudflare has placed Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp behind Google in this order. “Even in the second year of the pandemic, social media domains were still at the top of our rankings, “Cloudflare wrote in his blog. “All of the top 9 social media apps were on the top 100 list of the most popular global domains”.


Alwafaa is the leader of digital marketing and IT solutions in Dubai. Being highly committed to deliver exceptional services in minimal budget, we continue to grow along with trends and technology.  We are popular as the the most cost-effective Digital marketing and IT solutions company to perform strategically on each of our client’s needs. Our experts strive to revamp your business with modern trends in digital marketing and updating the business activities with the most creative tactics, which is the necessity to retain customers.

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Instant Upgrade For Your Chrome OS Interface

Chromebook has introduced a new and improved way of getting stuff accomplished, all you will take is just 20 seconds to turn it on. With the new Chrome OS launcher design, Google’s Chrome OS software is in the latest state of evolution. Though the new announcement has been under development since this summer, the revamped and spruced up Chromebook app setup is now available in the regular Chrome OS stable channel.


The new Chromebook Launcher is undoubtedly similar in basic structure to the Windows 10 Start menu settings. Ironically, if Google seeks familiarity at all levels to attract business opponents who depend on Windows, Microsoft is away from its design. On Windows 11-Updated. The new Chrome OS launcher interface feels like a really useful improvement in the context of the Chromebook environment. The layout of the full-screen app drawer that Chromebooks have been using for years certainly makes sense on Android, where most people work on phone-sized screens. This is the most efficient place to browse all your apps together in this full-screen view and find what you need.


However, on Chromebooks, the size of the display makes the full-screen display a little less optimal. Optically, you need to scan a large area to find the object you are looking for. Also, individual page setups often require a bit of awkward scrolling from page to page to scroll through the available options. This is an effect caused by the annoying habits of traditional Chrome OS launchers. The app grid has gotten worse and doesn’t provide an easy way to automatically place and merge icons.


The updated Chrome OS Productivity Launcher puts everything together in a window that occupies a small part of the screen. You can continuously scroll through the app list without breaking focus. When you drag and drop the app to a new location, the Chromebook will automatically relocate everything else to fill the space. The new Chrome OS Launcher also keeps Google’s recently renamed Everything Button as well. This is a button formerly known as a search button or launcher button, in case you can’t keep up with endless Google name changes.


The five-step Chromebook launcher upgrade

Switching to the new Chrome OS Productivity Launcher will take you all of 20 seconds only – here are the steps –

  1. On your Chromebook, open up a new Chrome browser window and type chrome: flags into the address bar.
  2. On the popping screen, type launcher into the search box
  3. Click on the box next to “Productivity experiment: App Launcher”? and change it from “Default” to “Enabled.”
  4. Then find the line labeled “Launcher Categorical Search” and make the same switching there as well.
  5. Finally, click on the blue Restart button in the lower-right corner of the screen and permit yourself to get giddy with anticipation.


Upon turning on this, Chromebook will restart, and you can simply click the circle-shaped icon in its lower-right corner, you can explore more with Chrome. The new launcher is made available in the stable channel of Chrome OS 94 and as well as on the newer and still-actively-rolling-out Chrome OS 96 update.


Alwafaa is the leader of digital marketing and IT solutions in Dubai. Being highly committed to delivering exceptional services in minimal budget, we continue to grow along with trends and technology, with which we perform strategically on each of our client’s needs. Alwafaa is the most cost-effective Digital marketing and IT solutions company that will revamp your business with modern trends in digital marketing or updating the business activities with the most creative tactics, which is the necessity to retain customers.

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Meta Announced New Features in Instagram Reels

Social media giant Instagram introduced Text to Speech and Voice Effects for reels. The new audio tools in the Instagram app allow users for adding artificial voices in Reels. Voice Effect feature lets users modify audio or voiceover in Reels whereas the Text to Speech feature lets creators use an artificial voice to read any text they add instead of using their voice in the video.

The update on the latest features was made via the Instagram community page last Thursday. The Text to Speech and Voice Effects features to focus on allowing users to be more creative with Reels. Users looking for the text Speech option can access it via the text tool in the Reels camera. It enables an auto-generated voice to read the text one added to Reels aloud. The new voice effects give can be utilized to add an artificial voice to the video for narration instead of using own voice. These features announced by the social networking platform owned by Meta are already available on TikTok and are open to both iOS and Android users.


Using Text to Speech on Instagram

To add the new text to the speech option on Instagram, follow the steps

  1. Open Reels Camera in the Instagram app.
  2. Record a video or upload via the gallery.
  3. Tap on the Text tool to add text.
  4. Tap on the text bubble and select Text to Speech from the three dots menu.
  5. Choose from the two options — Voice 1 and Voice 2. Select and tap on Post.

Currently, Instagram offers five-voice effect options named, announcer, helium, giant, robot, and vocalist that can be used to make funny videos in different voices.


Using Voice Effects on Instagram

  1. Record a Reel and tap music note to open the audio mixer.
  2. Select a voice effect from the effect menu to modify your reel or voiceover.
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