Corporate Social Responsibility

Alwafaa Group is committed to the responsibilities not only towards our customers, but also to the communities in which we serve.

Alwafaa is obligated to the society, to practice its services ethically and contribute positively to the socioeconomic development while improving the quality of life at large. Alwafaa’s Corporate Social Responsibility volunteer to help charitable groups and communities which handle socioeconomic issues.

We are passionate in offering the following free services to charitable organizations and socioeconomic development groups:

    • Build new websites
    • Digital marketing related services
    • Create new social media platforms and maintain them

We wish to be a part of the society welfare by being partnered with these philanthropic organizations to serve the society better in every way.

We believe that strong business needs strong ethics. For services, don’t hesitate to contact us!

AKCAF Volunteer Group

Alwafaa is highly privileged to partner with AKCAF as their IT and digital media partner. Extending our heightened sense of social responsibility along with one of the popular volunteering groups operating in Kerala and UAE gives us immense pleasure and confidence of being together with society.

AKCAF is a volunteering group under the CDA with Alumni members from over 100 colleges in Kerala, India. It seeks to promote the group’s ethnic and cultural values on a local and global level through its various social and charitable activities. Via Utilizing the power of Nostalgia for the betterment of Mankind AKCAF Build pride, loyalty, and future sustainment among Alma meter members. In this volunteering group, each of ACKAF’ns is involved with the great social responsibilities for the best of the philanthropic societies in both Dubai and Kerala.

Alwafaa, Being the popular IT solutions and Digital marketing company, collaborates with AKCAF to deliver outstanding IT support and solutions that could bring their efforts and works simpler and reachable. With the proficient utilization of modern marketing tools and platforms, we bring to society, one and all efforts by AKCAF. We are emotionally committed to the well-being of our society and promise the best of our service for future commitments and projects of ACKAF.

RAHMA Cancer Patient Care Society

Alwafaa always shows responsibility and passion to create tomorrows filled with health and happiness!!
Rahma is a public charitable society. Its main goal is to serve the UAE community by helping cancer patients receive treatment, providing information and awareness about the different types of cancer. Alwafaa takes part in the public awareness program initiatives as well as with every venture by Rahma to develop and create cancer awareness among people of different societies in UAE.
Rahma was established in 2015, under Abu Dhabi Executive Council Resolution No. 13 of 2015, and legalized under the Ministry of Community Development Resolution No. 760 of 2015. It also attained a religious advisory ruling (Fatwa) from the General Authority of Islamic Affairs & Endowments allowing it to accept Zakat funds and to use them in its charitable activities.

With the greater social concerns and commitment to upscale the quality of social health, Alwafaa culminates in the best of technology and expertise that could fuel the functions and performance of Rahma. Since the mutual decision to serve for a better tomorrow, we work with the website, digital promotion, a campaign setting, and utilize every scope of social media and digital platforms to curate better tomorrows.

Nanma Charitable Trust

Nanma Charitable Trust : A CSR Group of Alwafaa

Tharavad is the first venture of Nanma Charitable Trust has been facilitating the needs of helpless human beings who came from various situations, difficulties and miseries with the grace of Almighty and the help of generous people. Currently, the residents include orphans, the sick and the aged, widows, bedridden and a few others who have been ousted by society and have nothing of their own, nowhere to go, and no one to take care of even their basic needs. They were staring at destiny with no rays of hope!!!

Heavenly Angels visit Alwafaa Group for a Day!

It was a blessed day for team Alwafaa Group! We could find absolutely brilliant creations of Almighty from many tested differently abled heavenly angels. Those designs are presenting to the world which they did after their first day of Training, one by Alsiri Shetty and the other by Nihal. We have started training them to bring the best out of their talents as designers. We salute those who stand by them to help them to find the ways in life.Thank you all to introduce them to us to be a part of a noble activity. We appeal and request all those companies to give a chance to those differently abled beautiful angels to come up in life n be like us. May Almighty shower his blessings.

Beitalkhair join hands with Alwafaa Group: CSR Initiative

Sometimes we feel blessed when we get noticed by the value-based organizations. Kick off meeting with Beit al Khair officials @ AlwafaaGroup. Joining hands with one of the very active charitable organizations in the UAE, Beitalkhair, www.beitalkhair.org. It is a great privilege for being their online partner to support their services across the world digitally. Service to the society is the service to the humanity… in any which way u can… another CSR initiative of Alwafaa Group.

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