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Experience, one of the efficient advertisement placing service of google with Alwafaa. Google AdSense service in Dubai is offered by our expert panel. Advertising text, video or image will be displayed in the websites and money can be earned whenever the visitors click on it. Being the eminent Google AdSense provider in Dubai, we have catered many customers to excel in digital marketing. Our professional marketers will help you with the best on trends.

What Is Google AdSense?

This is an advertisement platform developed by google. Website publishers can display text, image or video advertisements and host will earn money based on how much site visitor’s view or click on the advertisements.

Benefits of Google AdSense:

Google AdSense provides benefits to the site advertisement host, advertiser and also to the visitors.
• Pay according to the click and view
• Generate more traffic to site
• Increases the visitors
• Expanded reach
• Increase in ROI

Google Certified Company In UAE

Alwafaa is a leading Google Certified company in UAE responsible for placing online advertisements in all the websites that may pop up with any search results. Short and brief advertisements on products or services offered by your company can be published in Google ads, the most popular online advertising platform. Pay per click advertising Dubai is common and accepted as the advertiser has to pay only if the ad is clicked.

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