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Public cloud hosting provides open resources available to the public over the internet. These resources may vary from provider to provider. However, consist of sufficient storage capabilities and applications. Public cloud hosting extends higher scalability and resource sharing required for organizations. Alwafaa Group, an ISO Certified Web Hosting Company in Dubai, offers Public Cloud Hosting and Other Hosting Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah across the UAE, and the GCC.

Few public cloud providers are offering their resources free of cost, while clients pay for other resources by subscription or a pay-per-usage model. Public Cloud hosting service is usually ideal for organizations looking for low investment for Hosting solutions. Different public cloud service providers are available to individual users, as well as for organizations based on their readiness to invest and also the requirements for resources.

Organizations with huge resource requirements have to develop a cloud migration strategy with the help of public cloud providers. To get additional securities, organizations can also make use of public cloud hosting services within a hybridized environment.


Specialties of Public Cloud Hosting Solutions

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    The public cloud servers always allow users to share resources while maintaining the privacy of each user’s data.
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    The architecture of the Public cloud is completely virtualized to provide an environment where shared resources are leveraged as needed.

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    Public cloud Hosting support to access a service or application on any internet-connected device.

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    Public cloud support users to access highly complex applications.

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    Public cloud prevents data loss and assures better data security.

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    Public cloud servers ensure smooth and fast disaster recovery.


Types of Public Cloud Hosting

  • SaaS

    Software as a service is a cloud model in which public cloud service providers distribute software hosted in the cloud. With these users can access the application via the internet. This public cloud hosting model avoids the need for individual users to install software on their machines. With this model, public cloud service providers also reduce the hardware needs of the organization and minimize the cost incurred on further support and maintenance.

  • PaaS

    Platform as a service is a computing model that allows an organization to develop software without needing to maintain the underlying infrastructure. Public cloud provider s build and support an optimized environment in which organizations get support through the internet connection. With PaaS public cloud providers avail version control and compile services as well as computing and storage resources.

  • IaaS

    Infrastructure as a service is a public cloud model, the organization outsources its entire data center to a cloud service provider. The public cloud provider hosts everything from storage servers to networking hardware and maintains virtualization of the environment. IaaS support organization with simple cloud adoption and this cloud model is highly cost-efficient too.

Benefits of Public Cloud Hosting


Improve Security

With improved cybersecurity expertise, advanced security services, Regular penetration testing, and controlled access, Public cloud hosting provides security to data and resources. With Alwafaa, top public cloud providers, clients get the best of IT expertise to advantage with these improved rates of security with any kind of public cloud hosting solution Dubai.

Save Time

Public cloud hosting never leaves the organization to spend more time managing with hosting solutions. As a public cloud service provider take the responsibility to manage and maintain the data center, organizations can easily walk over with their performance. Alwafaa is the top public cloud provider to ensure organizations a hassle-free hosting experience.

Reduced Lead Time

Public Cloud technology provides the clients uninterrupted workflows with reducing lead times with any sort of updating. With the public cloud, organizations can earn better performance in minimal investment. Alwafaa public cloud providers deploy every possible cloud technology to clients and deliver immaculate public cloud hosting services.

Save Money

The public cloud saves money as there are no capital investments. No purchase is required for equipment or space. Besides, Public cloud subscription cost is comparatively lower. As it is completely managed by the providers, no maintenance and update costs. With no internal servers, energy cost is also saved with public cloud solutions.

No, IT Talent is Required

To get the best hosting, an organization doesn’t require IT talent. Just go for public cloud solutions. Without taking any the responsibility of managing a data center or IT teams’ organizations can focus their time and talent on revenue-generating business activities.

Public Cloud Hosting in Dubai
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Public Cloud Hosting Solutions in UAE

Alwafaa is one of the top public cloud host providers in the UAE to deliver the best and affordable cloud web hosting packages to customers. We deliver cloud hosting services of higher standards and accuracy to meet all specifications of the client in a short time.

We optimize different operating system platforms for higher productivity with public cloud servers and host and delivers good quality databases to the organization. As per the specifications from the client, high-quality security-enabled applications or soft wares can be implemented in the public hosting system for better traffic and search results.

Our cloud specialists in Dubai works efficiently on customer requirements on public cloud hosting service. We provide quality public cloud hosting services for individuals to organizations of any kind. Alwafaa offers guaranteed bandwidth with each of the public cloud services that could help to handle loads during peak times.
Alwafaa, the top public cloud provider in UAE offers different packages on public cloud server hosting in Dubai. Depending on specifications from the clients, various package sizes get delivered by the best of our expertise in stipulated time.

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