Team alwafaa@Birla institute of technology and science- a golden opportunity to lighten up your career

Team alwafaa@Birla institute

By hosting sessions at the annual career fair and campus placement of the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Alwafaa, the pioneers in IT solutions and digital marketing, has provided a pleasurable interaction for graduating students. With the aim of assisting students and providing them with knowledge on how to find gainful employment


The fact that Birla institute is regarded as India’s #1 private engineering institute and among the top 100 internationally by QS university- BRICS 2022, was a huge motivation for the graduates to attend the career fair and has provided them with an opportunity to connect with the leading corporations that are seeking potential employees. Furthermore, it is the largest institution offering engineering programs in Dubai international academic city


The fair was held on 31st of March, in the BITS Pilani Dubai, students were given the chance to interact with other students and through that, expand their career horizons.

Moreover, students also had on-campus interviews and were allowed to submit their CVs as recruiting from BITS has a lot of pros, especially it is a multi-disciplinary university with a world-class curriculum Faculty. Special thanks to Mrs.Shakira muneer, Mr.Naji muneer and Mr.Siby PS as they were responsible for leading the sessions.

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