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Alwafaa Group, your trusted IT partner stands in forefront for web hosting and domain registration. 17 years of remarkable experience in the IT industry had taken the name of Alwafaa onto the top web hosting company in Dubai. Our proficient team showcases marvelous results in Web Hosting services on Linux web hosting serves & windows server 2003 platform on our reliable servers. Our key area of focus is that of Shared Web Hosting along with Web Hosting Server solutions. Our special combination of service options, powerful servers, reliability and competitive prices helps us to remain extremely competitive and unique in the industry.

The services provided on both Linux and Windows Server 2003 include, amongst other Virtual Web Servers, Mega Web Server, Corporate Server, Dedicated server (Linux/Windows), Name Server, Database/MS SQL 2000/ MS SQL Server 2005/ MS SQL Server 2008/Cold Fusion and PHP/ JSP, Java servlet.

Highly experienced and talented team of professionals working towards customer service supports back these services along with your domain registration. We provide cheap Domain registration in Dubai.

Web Hosting Company in Dubai


Each machine in our set-up is accessible to other machines on a network, thereby increasing reliability through redundancy. Under our customized backup program, we even backup your data on a scheduled basis.

Security Details

Our infrastructure is protected through the world's number one firewall system so that your critical data remains completely secure.

Website Promotion Details

When you come to us as your web hosting services partner we give you a choice of website promotion schemes - submissions to search engines, optimizing your website, tracking visitors to your website and many more value added services.

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