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Promangrow (PMG), which was a software created specifically to assist business consulting firms in the UAE and was inaugurated in expo 2020, has proven to be a valuable asset to so many other firms, making the idea of managing day-to-day workflow, sales, and customer service more straightforward and inspiring.


Promangrow’s has a unique way of supporting consultant companies as it uploads all related documents with their expiry dates, so that the system can automatically notify them of their expiry date in advance, allowing managers or those authorized to communicate with customers and prepare for the renewal process. Additionally, the system provides distinct units that each includes a user login for each client, a dashboard and an admin control panel along with other bizarre features.


Moreover, (PMG) software has provided business consultants with essential benefits that are vital for every business, such as accuracy and speed in performance, and ease in usage as it allows a users to submit their request in a very short amount of time.


Staff no longer spend hours on the phone processing since the PMG software’s rapid search feature allows them to be more productive with their time. Consultant firms can now quickly identify which customers are most valuable to them, thanks to a feature in the software that saves previous orders in the database, making it easier to respond to consumer questions. For more details please visit

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