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With multiple data centers across UAE, United Kingdom, USA, Singapore, and India, Alwafaa provides highly comprehensive and reliable data center hosting for businesses of all types.

Now, all resources for the efficient run of any business get collated with the cream layer of hosting experts of Middle East.

Get on with Alwafaa and choose your business data center from the multiple data center services.

What is a multiple Data Center service?

A data center is a physical setup to accommodate the data and application resources of a business or organization. With the help of technology and network of computing the storage resources accompanied in a data center will support the business in performance. Alwafaa Group, an ISO Certified Web Hosting Company in Dubai, offers Multiple Data Center Services and Other Hosting Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah across the UAE, and the GCC.

Data centers help business organizations as their house of resources. A business operating locally requires a datacenter that can get hosted locally, whereas the business could make use of multiple data centers, if the area of operations is in multiple localities, even in other countries. Multiple data centers are highly supportive of the businesses operating internationally or globally.

What is the importance of Multiple Data Center?

In the world of technological revolution, data exists and is connected across multiple data centers, the edge, and public and private clouds. Every data center should get to communicate across multiple sites, both on-premises and in the cloud. With every application or resource hosted in the cloud, they could make use of the resources well. With multiple data centers, businesses get maximum reliable and relevant data precisely from their area of business target or operation.

Multiple data center across the globe is designed to escort every client with support on all business applications and activities such as:

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    Virtual desktops, communications and collaboration services

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    Enterprise resource planning and databases

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    Big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning
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    Email and file sharing
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    Productivity applications
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    Customer relationship management

How do data centers operate?

Data Center services are designed to protect and induce the performance and integrity of the core data center components. With network security appliances like firewall and intrusion protection systems along with technologies and installations to application delivery assurance data centers offer outstanding and inevitable support to clients.

web hosting companies in uae
web hosting companies in uae

Types of data centers

There are many types of data centers available. Every organization can choose on these data centers based on their data storage, security, and also with other requirements that get matched at best. Today, for every business operating locally, internationally, or globally get the choice of multiple data centers with varying technology, energy efficiency, and computing storage data centers are available to businesses from standard to supreme type.

Alwafaa provides the Colocation and Cloud types of Multiple Data Center to clients. With the well-versed technology and outstanding commitment to supporting every business client of ours. We extend, exceptional management and follow-up services within an affordable package.

Colocation data centers

Colocation data centers are usually third party data centers owned by others and a client or company rents required space from them for their server or other network equipment requirement. Usually, colocation data centers are located off company premises. These data centers host the business infrastructure with building, cooling, bandwidth, and security, whereas the client company or business has to provide and manage the components like servers, firewalls, storage, etc.

Colocation data centers are highly relied on and used by the business which does not have resources required to maintain their own data center, or the organizations looking to utilize more benefits of a well-organized and established data center.

This type is also ideal for companies that can have their equipment located in multiple places. For the companies who have a large geographic coverage, can equip their servers and units via renting required racks of space from the colocation data centers available in each locality and ensure the functions at best.

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Benefits of a Colocation Data Center

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    Lower investment, as there is no investment required to set up the physical facilities like building, opting for a colocation data center is always cost-effective for businesses.

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    Requires only fewer Technical Staff, as the data center company manages and maintains running cables, managing power, installing equipment, or any other number of other technical processes clients does not require to hire technical staff to support these.

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    The colocation data center provides exceptional reliability and consistent performance.

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    With the requirements of the data center on your multiple geographic locations, these are the best option.

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    Predictable Expenses, as there are only rental expenses, clients can predict the expenses concerning requirements.

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    Easy Scalability, colocation data centers performance is scalable and accountable.

Cloud data centers

This is also an off-premises form of a data center in which data and applications are hosted by a cloud services provider and are highly suitable for the businesses that do not have many investments with technological support and cost. For every growing organization whose requirements are also increasing, cloud data centers are the best and cost-effective model.

With various subscription plans, cloud data center providers can scale the services up or down as per the requirements. These are the best type of data centers, for every organization with huge data requirements and unable to store and manage them. The cloud data center providers extend exceptional maintenance and update with everything that could safeguard data during outages and failures.

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Benefits of Cloud Data Center

  • Unlimited storage capacity

    Cloud data centers can match massive data requirements and provide exceptional data and resource support to clients. It has unlimited capacity, such that every growing requirement can be accommodated well in a minimal subscription plan.

  • Lower investment

    As there is no investment required to set up physical facilities like building or other facilities, a cloud data center is always cost-effective for businesses.

  • No technical Staff required

    As the data center company manages and maintains running cables, managing power, installing equipment, or any other number of other technical processes clients does not require to hire technical staff to support these.

  • Improved security

    Cloud data center is provided by third parties, who take the best of technology and expertise to assure the clients on the safety and security of their data and other resources given in exchange for a nominal payment.

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