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Get an excellent Mobile App experience throughout with the best AMC mobile app !!

Mobile applications are vital in today’s business. As the smartphone and small device users are growing in rapid volume, the very market focuses a growth utilizing the best of technology over the mobile device users. To get use with the complete potential of mobile apps, businesses require strategic maintenance of these applications.

To have a seamless experience without any disruptions in the businesses, it requires a robust mobile application flexible enough to accommodate every growing need of the business. And It is also important to monitor the performance of the mobile app at regular intervals to supply with necessary upgrades. Alwafaa Group, A leading Mobile App Development Company in Dubai, offers Mobile App AMC and other Mobile Application Development Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah across the UAE, and the GCC.


Why mobile application need Maintenance?

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    To Keep Mobile Apps Updated
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    To Reduce the Uninstalls
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    To provide Better User Experiences
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    To increase ROI in the Long Run
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    To Curtail with Downtimes and Revenue Losses
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    To safeguard from Cyber Threats and attacks
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Nearly 30 percent of the application development costs for various maintenance requirements.


To meet with any kind of expenses that may get nearly to the cost of developing another; it is ideal to go for an annual maintenance contract for mobile applications. AMC mobile app is a cost-effective strategy, if the organization is continuously improving or if the business requires to give tremendous user experience.


Alwafaa is the leading mobile application developers providing affordable AMC mobile app in UAE. With the most convenient and productive AMC mobile app, clients get the cream layer of mobile app experts in a nominal package. With prolonged benefit, our Mobile app AMC delivers several benefits that could end up most productively.

We provide the perfect blend of emergency, perfective, corrective, adaptive, and preventive maintenances in our AMC mobile application package.

  • Emergency Maintenance

    Any issues or errors that would arise all of a sudden get immediately fixed by our experts. With our AMC mobile app, unpredictable unexpected failures or disruptions never affect app experience as well as business.

  • Perfective Maintenance

    All features and functionalities of mobile applications get well-aligned on track to achieve every requirement of the business. With perfective maintenance, our mobile app AMC adds a competitive and cost-effective advantage to clients in consideration of feedback and performance of the application.

  • Adaptive Maintenance

    With adaptive maintenance, we keep track of any changes in the application as the system updated. Alwafaa’s AMC mobile application in UAE take the complete responsibility of the mobile application to accommodate every adjustment or changes happening in the working environment.

  • Preventive Maintenance

    We take major interventions and eliminations to prevent any uncertainties or errors. Our technical team reduce the complexity of the application and improve them through effective code restructuring, code optimization, and documentation updating.

  • Corrective Maintenance


    Alwafaa offers corrective maintenance in our AMC mobile app and extends professional care of the repairs, faults, and defects in the application functions along with the course of use. All errors related to design, coding, and application logic will get resolved at best and deliver the outstanding user experience.

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