School Management System is an Online Web-based Integrated School Management System that consists mainly of three layers of applications that are integrated with each other. School Management System helps a school managing its day-to-day operations besides establishing a robust and solid business process platform for smother workflow operations and streamlined management leading eventually to fruitful results .school Management System is a feature-rich system that allows the school to establish collaboration and communication channels among the teachers, the school academic and admission boards, the students and their parents with complete independence of time, space and availability.


  • Courses and Batches
  • Student Admission
  • Student details
  • Institute/Event Calendar
  • Student/Parent Login
  • Human Resources
  • Reminders
  • Finance
  • Employee/Teacher login
  • Student Attendance
  • Messaging System
  • Certificate management/ tracking system
  • Library management
  • Transportation Management
  • Gallery
  • Reports

School Management Software Dubai , school ERP Dubai,School Software Companies in Dubai

School Management Software Dubai , school ERP Dubai,School Software Companies in Dubai

Courses and Batches

Configure, Manage Course and batches according to the institution.
  • Course and duration/ Grade/ Class
  • Fee structure
  • Qualifications

Student Admission

  • Student Admission
  • Unique ID for all students
  • Comprehensive admission form
  • Emergency contact facility available
  • Previous education details can be recorded
  • Customizable as per school standards
  • Photo upload facility
  • Manage student records. Attach any type of document and data related to student.
  • Welcome mail
  • Automatically create login for parent/Student once admission is approved.
  • View ,Export, print option

Student details

  • Normal student view facility based on batches
  • View complete information of a student from their profile regarding reports, fees, activities, remarks, progress records
  • Search existing and former students
  • Advanced search facility to search for specific type of students based on large number of filters

Student/Parent Login

  • Parents can check their children’s profile
  • They can see their children’s attendance details
  • Parents can access children's progress report
  • They will be able to provide feedback about the teachers and school facilities to the management directly
  • They can see the schools notice board and class notices
  • Parents can access fee receipts, library book details, transportation details from online module
  • The can contact principal or chairman directly if required
  • They can download application forms and other forms directly from the school website

Institute/Event Calendar

  • Display Events, Examination, Holidays and Dues in the calendar
  • Monthly view of all items
  • Create any type of event
  • Create event for set of students and faculty

Human Resources

  • Manage all employees from admission to exit
  • Customizable admission form
  • Manage entire payroll efficiently
  • Automatic Loss of Pay calculation
  • Efficient leave management system
  • Normal and advanced search facility


  • Efficient reminder notification for all department and parents


  • Fee classification system by Grade
  • Online payment facility
  • Manage Assets and Liabilities
  • Manage Donations
  • Salary management


  • Event Viewer
  • Pay slip details
  • Students details if teacher logged in
  • Teacher can update remarks on each students
  • Time table view
  • Students Attendance
  • Leave form
  • Leave status
  • Reminder view

Student Attendance

  • Easy marking of attendance
  • Note/Remarks for attendance can be given
  • Reports can be filtered using the available filters

Messaging System

  • Inbuilt messaging system
  • Easy and quick way to send messages to any user of the system
  • Effective communication between administration, teachers, students and parents
  • Automatic messages about events, news, fee schedules, new forums and holidays etc. personalized with your school
  • Both Mail and SMS messaging system

Certificate management/ tracking system

  • Effective Database for All Certificates issued from School with students details
  • Advance search options
  • Upload option

Library Management

  • Database of all books with classification
  • User friendly Book tracking system
  • Reminder mail for due’s
  • Summary off all book’s

Transportation Management

  • All vehicles database
  • All drivers details with picture and all details (License, Emirates ID)
  • Vehicles Rout Map
  • Vehicle service details and other expense tracking system
  • Messaging system to drivers like reminder mail for their duty change


  • All events photograph
  • View for parents and management


  • All Reports for each departments with privileged views

Module Privileges

  • Course and Batch
  • Student Admission
  • Student Details
  • Institute and Event management
  • Reminders
  • Certification Management /Tracking Management
  • Gallery edit option

Employee Login
  • Event Viewer
  • Pay slip
  • Leave form and status
  • Reminder viewer

Librarian Login
  • Students details
  • Full Access for library module

Transportation Team login
  • Full privilege for Transportation management
Super admin
  • All privilege for entire module

Teacher Login
  • Student details
  • Progress card
  • Students remarks field
  • Pay slip
  • Leave form and status
  • Event viewer
  • Reminder viewer
  • Student attendance
  • Advance Search Option

Parent login
  • Students details with limited field
  • Teacher remarks on students
  • Progress card
  • Notification regarding fees and all other reminders

Account login
  • Finance Module
  • Fees Structure
  • Payroll management
  • Transport Module

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