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Clinic management soft wares are designed to coordinate and integrate all the activities happening in a healthcare system. It is popularly known as clinic management system or healthcare management system. Health care computer system is the concept of digitalizing the core clinical activities such as patient records, clinical tasks like billing, billing, inventory management, accounting etc. All of these manual operations are computerized with the introduction of clinic management softwares. Alwafaa Group, A leading Software Development Company in Dubai, offers Clinic Management Software and other Software Development Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah across the UAE, and the GCC.

Benefits On Adopting A Clinical Management Software?

The comprehensive features included in the health care management soft wares lead them to secure a place in most of the hospitals and clinics.

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    Easy and quick access to every information
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    Speedy service
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    Paper less record
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    Improved efficiency and performance
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    Patient satisfaction
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    Coordination and accuracy

Healthcare management solutions in UAE

With the advancement in the software technology, UAE’s health sector is also advancing with automated technologies. Various healthcare software companies are introducing differentially featured clinical soft wares in Dubai.

Medical software companies are all set to prepare customized clinical soft wares by implementing required add one’s to the system. There are highly comprehensive and trustworthy clinical management software including DOCMATE in the healthcare software industry of Dubai.

Looking For A Complete Clinical Software In UAE???

Say a big welcome to the DOCMATE!!

The most innovative health care management software in UAE!!!

In this technically up graded era, it is necessary to run along with the modern amenities that ease your work and time. What if it increases the efficiency and productivity too??

DOCMATE is the most comprehensive web based practice and patient management system. This simple software solution in the software industry has set a high standard among the clinical management soft wares.

DOCMATE is considered as the most complete clinical management software in Dubai which constitute following solutions to meet every need of a clinic or medical center.


Booking Appointment System

DOCMATE is the best healthcare management software in UAE. Appointment scheduler in this medical software will help to schedule requested appointments by various patients. Patients booking queries through phone or walk in will be recorded within the appointment scheduler and available slots will be given as per the preferences. After scheduling the appointments DOCMATE clinical management software send reminder/alerts to the patients. Up on registration, schedulers will record the patient’s demographic details which will help in categorizing patients for any further quick access.

Preloaded Treatment Modules

DOCMATE comes with numerous inbuilt treatment modules that will help to deliver timely attention to one and each customer. Preset modules as per the clinical standards and availability will check on the various treatment plans and procedures of each patient.


Electronic Medical Record System

Compared to other clinic management software in Dubai, DOCMATE provides a unique and comprehensive EMR service. This feature allows the clinic to record each and every records belong to the operational activity of the clinic. This well executed electronic medical record system will collect, record and organize any type of medical records under each unique registered category. Easier and quicker access to this module improves the efficiency of the medical center.

Patient Data Management

Once a visitor is registered as a patient in the DOCMATE system, the patient master index will provide a unique identification number to the patient and from the appointment modules onwards to the final settling to exit the clinic, each and every service opted or advised to the patient will be managed easily and hassle free. Complete information and records of the patient will be integrated to this identification number.

Billing Modules

DOCMATE’s billing module integrate patients every billing transactions centrally. In case of the cash or insurance payment, based on the organizational policies on deductions, discounts and claims, DOCMATE’s previously set billing strategies will produce final bill for each customer. Centralization of the billing with this healthcare management software in UAE, has improved the customer relationships too.


Laboratory Modules

Laboratory module automate the investigation request of the patient and ensures the timely delivery of the reports to the concerned doctor’s window. The laboratory module integrates various departments as well as with the doctors. In case of multiple doctors on a patient, this system will help to coordinate the treatment decisions.

E-Prescriptions, E-Claims And E-Billings

DOCMATE provides electronic prescriptions to the patient’s unique identification number, which will be integrated to pharmacy or laboratory for further access. This will save on time and operational cost. DOCMATE is fully integrated with HAAD/DHA/MOH hubs so that doctors can submit all the prescriptions to the ministry hub and generate an e prescription code. With this code patients can go any pharmacies and purchase their medicines.


Doctors EHR

DOCMATE features an efficient electronic health record system for the doctors with which they could monitor the appointment schedules. HER assist the doctors to record procedures on the diagnosis, order on investigations, prescribing on medicines and follow up.

PDA Interface

DOCMATE can integrate with any kind of smart devices like glucometer, BP apparatus, etc. Personal digital aid integration will save time and also result in effective delivery of treatment.


Specialized Modules For Each Discipline In The Medical Science

DOCMATE provides specialized module for every discipline of the medical science like Dental module, GP/internal medicine module, ophthalmology module, Cardiology module etc. This will help in the easy transfer of the patient’s data to the concerned department and concerned procedural moves.

Integration Of Paper Documents To EMR

DOCMATE supports in the integration of any kind of paper documents to electronic medical record. Any previous history submitted by the patients will be integrated in doctors HER or other supporting documents towards insurance or clinical administrative procedures can be easily transferred to electronic mode.


Preloaded Diagnosis With ICD 10.0 Codes

Based on the international classification of diseases, DOCMATE comes with the preloaded diagnosis on various illness found among patients. ICD 10th revision is used by physicians to classify and code all diagnosis, symptoms and procedures. This help the doctors to provide the most reliable service.

Preloaded Services With CPT Codes

Current procedural terminology is a code used in health care industry to report any medical procedures including diagnostic, medical or surgical to the physicians, insurance companies or hospital authorities. Preloaded CPT codes will enable to fix and track the services requested or availed by each and every registered patient.


Security And Auditing Features

DOCMATE will enable you to define the users and access to the clinical management software. This helps in protecting the data and information provided to the system. Only authorized personals can access the most confidential data and records.

Single Click Reports

DOCMATE will help you to generate any kind of reports in a single click. MIS reports, insurance reports doctor wise collection reports, billing and settlement reports etc. can be generated easily by the special feature of this user friendly clinical software.


Inventory Management

DOCMATE provides the most secure inventory management feature to your clinic. The scientific inventory management procedure will prepare and follow up with various reports including current inventory, inventory expiry, inactive inventory, reorder inventory etc. This helps in the enhancement of productivity.


DOCMATE is providing unlimited user licenses after signing the contract with any medical centers in UAE. We provide admin privilege to create new user license from your side.

Advantages on moving with DOCMATE

Healthcare solutions in UAE have redefined by the standards of this clinical management software!!!

The one to trust!!

Moving with DOCMATE-the most versatile healthcare management software in UAE, you are stepping to the success of your healthcare institution. Competing with the various products by other healthcare software development companies in UAE, DOCMATE have always proven its proficiency with numerous features incorporated in it.

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    Cut down the operational cost
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    Security with Backup and cloud options
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    Reduces the overload or burden to employee
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    Demonstration and training with implementations

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