Managed Dedicated Server Dubai

Managed Dedicated Server Dubai


Alwafaa Group Dubai provides one of the best dedicated server hosting services in the UAE, specially Dubai, Sharjah and Abudhabi.The hosting services provided by Alwafaa Group is very affordable and the support system provided by Alwafaa is at its best in the market. The dedicated hosting servers are built with the required configuration of customers and coming with normally Linux and Windows operating systems. There are different dedicated servers available with database such as MS SQL and MySQL Email servers and so on.

These dedicated hosting services are used by upper mid range companies for their exclusive email services, ecommerce portals, high end database applications, or any kind of online software applications. This gives the complete control of the servers to the customers including root access. The dedicated servers provided by alwafaa group is completely managed by our expert server administrators and we take care of almost everything to be kept the servers always up and running without any problems. These servers are used by a corporate mainly not to share their data or information or emails with any other companies like using shared servers or VPS, as these are exclusively accessible by only by the customer who opt for this. High security measures ate in place for dedicated windows and dedicated linux servers in order to keep the servers intact from any attacks.

There are many benefits and advantages of having a dedicated servers, may it be windows dedicated servers or Linux dedicated servers , with different configurations, all servers will be well organized and fully managed by the customer, in case the customer needs alwafaa staff to manage, we can offer them the fully managed services to keep the servers always healthy, up and running. Customers can choose their particular hardware configuration, software packages, operating system, and even any 3rd party software if needed which enable them to use different features and facilities on the server.

The ideal dedicated servers are the best option for the high volume of data usage, for high volume of emails, big database driven web sites etc, this will enable the customer to save a lot of cost by eliminating the charges of router, internet bandwidth, security system, power management, network admin, etc.

Most of the cases, dedicated hosting services, is very good for the return on investment, and it is having less overheads due to its secure and single user management policies. Alwafaa Group provides robust dedicated hosting services which offers the leading advantages of high performance, security, email stability, and management. Alwafaa Group provides different kinds of dedicated servers in both windows and Linux platform for the customers in the UAE, especially for those from Dubai, Sharjah and Abudhabi.

Features of the Dedicated Server Hosting are...

  • Local support – Call and online support 24x7
  • 100% Dedicated resources
  • Completely Isolated
  • No shared hardware
  • Software & Hardware Customization

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Dedicated server hosting services in the UAE

Dedicated server hosting services in the UAE

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