Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server is an internet hosting exclusively made for a particular client. Here, they do not share the managed hosting service with anyone. This server are usually configured and operated remotely by the client firm.

Why you should go for dedicated servers?

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    The server is exclusively dedicated to the company
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    Information related to company only exist in the server
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    The higher security on being exclusive with data storage.
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Benefits of setting up a dedicated server for your business:

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    Dedicated resources- As the complete web server is dedicated for the exclusive by company, efficiency in the performance is guaranteed.
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    Whenever the company faces peak times or urgency, performance is neither affected nor stopped due to server jamming issues.
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    As you own the server, freedom to produce any kind of changes by adding own soft wares and configure setting and access to several logs.
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    Special server security measures can be implemented.
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    Flexibility and scalability – Every growing business need to amend the resources system frequently. A dedicated server system you can decide on your own server configuration. Addition/Removal or modification of existing services and applications can be made easily as you have the root access to server.
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    Improved reliability and performance- A dedicated server will help your organization by fast loading and better experience on data processing. This type of servers are highly reliable to any firm
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    High speed loading of information
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    Extra resources during high volume traffic
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    Less likely server crash chance
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    Security- As these servers are inclusive of firewalls and security monitoring it’s a safer platform. Implementation of your own security measures to safeguard the business data is also possible with dedicated servers. As the server is accessible only to the company, greater security is offered against:
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    No capital or upfront expenses- Every growing business need to reserve capital for future technical up gradation and all. When you own an exclusive server, only the cost of service for the hosting provider has to be met.

Meet the best dedicated server solutions in Dubai:

Alwafaa Group, an ISO Certified Web Hosting Company in Dubai, offers Dedicated Server Hosting and other Hosting services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah across the UAE, and the GCC. We provide high quality dedicated server hosting in Dubai to our clients with utmost standard and precision. Our dedicated server hosting specialists in Dubai will meet all your specifications and deliver an exclusive platform for your all information processing.

We offer compatible dedicated servers in Dubai on Windows and Linux operating systems. Our cloud specialists offer handy and flexile services based on the specifications of customer.  With respect to the speed of data processing needs in your firm we offer various packages on different bandwidth of the server.

Dedicated servers will possess unique internet protocol address that is provided to each computer which is connected in a particular network. It act as a unique identifier that provides the information on location of the used computer or network.

We are providing specialized services on dedicated servers such as:

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    Local hosting
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    Dedicated IP address
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    SATA dedicated server hosting
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    Security implementation
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  • web hosting dubai
    Data base platforms – MySQL / MSSQL

Managed SATA dedicated server hosting

We offer managed dedicated servers in Dubai by providing different Serial Advanced Technology Advancement dedicated servers of high quality and protected structure. Our dedicated server hosting specialist will set up this least expensive server if you prefer a low capacity use or economically feasible one.

Advantages of SATA:

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    Cost effective
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    Good data writing
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    Perfect storage for all types of files
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Local hosting

Local hosting refers to if the server is connected to operate on a local area network. If your company business target revolves around a particular geographical region, fixing on any server hosting in that area would be cost effective. Local hosting is always advantageous to the firm. We offer local dedicated server hosting to our clients. Our comprehensive technical support will enable you with best managed data resources in the industry.


Bandwidth is the rate of data processed in a particular amount of time. As per the need on how much of data has to be processed in a given time, our experts will identify bandwidth suitable for your server. Based on the estimate on total data moved in and out of the company server and with expertise strategies, we assist you on convenient Bandwidth.

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We offer different packages on dedicated server hosting in UAE. Depending on the bandwidth and traffic required by the clients, various package sizes are delivered. The internal and external traffic and speed of the server fix on the amount which has to be spent.

Dedicated data base server:

An exclusive server to host your database without any other services like web running. We provide dedicated data bases services for your firm as per the quote. With any of our productive hosting plan you can manage your data bases. We are providing data bases on MySQL and MS SQL servers.

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Structured query language is the language of relational data base. MySQL and Microsoft SQL are the common database platform on the web. Our experts help you to choose on the right database for your dedicated server.

What does MySQL and MS SQL offers?

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    Host several data bases on one server
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    They support desktop and web application.
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    Use tables to store data
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    Use index to store data

How to choose among MySQL and MSSQL?

Both of them are relational data base platform. They possess many similarities. Choice have to be made on the type of operating system used and performance expectation. MySQL runs on either Linux or windows where as Microsoft SQL runs on windows platform.

Our database designing and programming experts will help you to fix on the best database platform for your company.

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Security implementation

Dedicated servers are inclusive of firewalls and security monitoring system. Implementation of your own security measures to safeguard the business data is also possible with our dedicated server hosting in UAE. As the server is accessible only to the company, greater security is offered with our comprehensive add on security to safeguard your resources. Our expert professionals will set up and configure extra applications against Malware, hacks and Service attacks.

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