Spinachious an online delivery solution for your restaurant- Support and enhance your food delivery services and enterprise


With the use of technology, Spinachious, which is a cloud-based online program, has made all operations simpler and more efficient and is a proactive delivery solution for any restaurant. Making it simple for your clients to connect with their favorite restaurant in a couple of clicks, and also drawing in new customers.


Spinachious’ software is remarkable as it includes a user app, an admin dashboard, and a delivery driver app. Restaurant delivery operations may be done automatically to enable you to bring in more customers and to promote your latest menu and deals online all the time to ensure your customers are totally pleased.
Moreover, each of the applications, such as the user app and the delivery driver app, has its own set of functionality. The admin dashboard includes tools that allow restaurant managers to connect multiple branches to the app, communicate with customers online about any concerns, manage coupons, monitor analytics and data, and handle orders.


Service staff no longer spend lots of time on the call order processing since Spinachious allows them to be more efficient with their time and serve orders quickly. Thanks to the feature in the software that remembers prior orders in the database, restaurants can now instantly determine customers who are the most valuable to them, making it easier to address customer inquiries. For more details please visit  https://www.alwafaagroup.com/spinachious/

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