Alwafaa Group Announces the Best Employee and Team in June 2018

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.
Victory and success lay with us, here at Alwafaa we always keep the tradition of happy team building and joyful atmosphere for the staff and team members to develop themselves and to bring the positivity in them.
As part of the continuous and arousing programs conducted we are happy to announce the best team and star of the month held at 10th of July at Alwafaa Creative zone.
Everyone Works harder and happier here, although some go little ahead we make this occasions to ignite the skill and ability in every team member of ours. So Here this young ebullient man Mr. Bibin Mathew who has actively worked in the assigned job role being the Team Lead – Projects Department never give up to his passion towards the job, yes this person deserves the Star of the month June 2018.
When one becomes a team player whole team becomes the foundation behind the best leads for a firm, let us introduce the energetic and most active Department for the season Digital Marketing Department lead by Mr. Deepak S – Project Manager and his teammates. Obviously, they entitle this.
Kudos to the whole team of Alwafaa, we value your commitments with us. We are a family let us share our happiness, this smart work and team game hold us together. Let it be forever.

Star of the Month for May 2018

Alwafaa being the best Digital Service provider has lot of success stories, where each and every staff plays the premiere role in bringing us to the top in Dubai. Yet to this happiness working around the globe, we know we have an efficient team here and some super smart team players too, to raise everyone to this position we find the superstar of each month to find the best and to motivate others too, here it’s Mr. Muhammed Shavad VP for the month of May 2018 who is an inspiring character for whole our family in doing the things in perfect way. Surely this star of the month goes for him, deserved at right hands.

People work all around but some men and women do the super best because they play the brilliant roles always.
This is Alwafaa Group – Best Digital Marketing and Web hosting company in Dubai. We raise and grow together.

Alwafaa Group Unveiled the Stars of the Month (March & April) & Best Department

Success is the result of hard work, learning from failure, dedication, and persistence. There are no limits on learning and sharing knowledge towards people around you.

As part of the Alwafaa Group’s tradition, every month we’ll celebrate who goes above and beyond the top, based on their performance, skills and work ethics.

The program held last 12th of May 2018 at Alwafaa Group Production Area, hosted by Digital Marketing Team. Team games and presentations we’re set and participated by Team Alwafaa.

After the extensive performance and contest, winner has been declared and awarded to the team. Also, special announcement for the Star of the month (March and April Edition) has been declared which goes to Ms. Soofiya – Web Developer (March 2018) and Mr. Sujith – Mobile App Developer (April 2018) and of course, awards would not be complete without  the best performing department for two months that goes to Software & Mobile App Development Department. Kudos!

Alwafaa Group acknowledges the effort and dedication of each and every one as we are working not only as a team, but a family. There are no greater achievement and secrets towards success, it is a result of smart and team work, dedication and consistency.

Alwafaa Group Announces the Best Employee and Team in February,2018

Excellence is an ability which can be accomplished through diligent work and commitment. There are no alternate routes in achieving success. Smart work and good rapport from your team are the key factors on attaining excellence.

Consistently, monthly social function we’re done to showcase the best employee and department in Alwafaa GroupBest Digital Marketing Agency Dubai and Web hosting company in Dubai.

The assessment depends on different criteria like reliability, dress codes, individual and team work, creative plans, work productivity, consistency and smart work.

After the tight selection, The star of the month has been awarded to Mr. Sanoob Saleem – Web Developer of Web Development Team and the Best Department goes to Digital Marketing Team – Ajmal, Narcelie, Anju, Riya and Sachu, led by Mr. Deepak (Digital Marketing Manager) for the month of February. The awards were announced on 10th February 2018 @ Al Twar Park in Al Qusais, Dubai, UAE. CEO Mr. Muneer and General Manager Mr. Sameekh graced the occasion with their presence.

Alwafaa GroupDigital MarketingLeading SEO, Google AdWords, Social Media Marketing Company in Dubai for all your Digital & Online needs.

Alwafaa Group announces the star of the month and Best team | January

ALWAFAA GROUP A LEADING IT SOLUTIONS COMPANY IN DUBAI announces the start of the month “January” as Narcelie Libredilla and Best team as Web development & design. For 3 years of service, Facing Challenges with strength, determination, and confidence is what matters and she has done it! Congratulations Narcelie Libradilla (Digital Marketing Team)! There’s your reward for all the hard work you put in. Enjoy every bit of it! Congratulations web development & Design Team! Your sincere efforts and hard work are indeed highly appreciated. You should be proud of yourselves. Congratulations to all! Keep up the good work guys!Your hard work keeps up the alwafaa Group as the best Digital advertising agency in Dubai and Top web design company.

Star of the Month – December 2018 | Alwafaa Group

Alwafaa announces the star of the month “December” as Abdul Jabbar. He is the synonym of honesty and dedication. No matter how big a crowd, a person like him always stands out! There’s no one who has worked as hard as you have during the past years. As you continue to advance and reach your many goals. Here’s wishing you all the best and much more success.

Alwafaa Group Announces the Best Employee and Team in November,2017

Success doesn’t come from occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently. Alwafaa Group announces the best employee and team in November. Ajmal-“Calm in the Eye of the Storm” in Digital Marketing Team as the star of the month. The best Team of the month is “Web Design & Development” -the team who put our values into action. Alwafaa Group, always remembers to encourage someone who is welcoming, respectful, kind, professional, positive and works well as part of a team

Alwafaa Group Annual Sports Day 2018

The best things in life are often waiting for you at the exit ramp of your comfort zone. – Karen Salmansohn

Alwafaa’s Annual meet 2k18 brought out a broad view of the state of Happiness with the art in a passionate profession, this was a magnificent day for the whole mind of Alwafaa family. The story of the 17th year leading all the way from the past with 3500+ Customers reminds us of the hard work of the team.

And by the Morning Bliss from 10.30am, the Games and Activity started at Smart football Academy. Our CEO Mr. Muneer, GMs Mr. Abdul Sameekh & Mr. Abdul Razik geared up the day with vibrant words, When the teams Green Hub, Blue Chip, Red Hat, and White Cloud lined up in the tracks with their uniform dress codes and caps that was a colorful view. Mr. Muhammed Anas & Ms. Athulya Anil being the emcees of the day coordinated events of the day.

The tight competitions till the noon, showed up the logical brilliance and sportsman spirit of each Alwafaain throughout the Games.

With the tasty and classy noon buffet, the intelligence was questioned with the Quiz Competition lead by our CEO being the Quizmaster was an eye-opener. And in the later time, the whole family witnessed the Skill of Singing of each Alwafaain. The excited Badminton Championships and the fun games with the friendly Cricket and Football matches colored the afternoon. Meanwhile, after that, the stage was filled in by the Girls’ and Boys’ Group dances as a Surprise event of the day. The presence of Alwafaa team member’s family was a joyful moment for us. The Little Masters simply made us activate the adrenaline flow even in our bloodlines. These cute little champs sparkled the venue with their fun and presence.

And it was super curious to reveal out the points and champions of the Day the Team Blue Chip Lead by Mr. Nidhin and Vice-captain Sithara bagged the Ever-rolling Champions Trophy and Team Red hat lead by Mr. Afsal and Vice-captain Riya Anishlal bagged the Runner-Up Trophy. Team White Cloud of Mr. Deepak and Soofiya, Team Green Hub of Ms. Ebini and Ajmal made their position 1st & 2nd Runners-up Respectively.

Into the end of the day, the superb mind blowing words of our CEO on the success story of ‘Alwafaa Life’ made us get the full-fledged energy back to run into work. With the sweet moment of cake cutting and the last steps of enjoyment, the day wrapped into full happiness. This was again a day to proudly say aloud, I’m Alwafaa.

Shining Stars of October – Alwafaa Group

A job well done that has been carried out by a person who is fully dedicated and consistent will be always a source of inspiration. Congratulations to the shining star of October!  Mr. Upendra – Programmer – SOFTWARE & MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT TEAM AND Best Performing Department for 2 months – SALES TEAM

On 11th of November 2017, the ‘’Winter Feast ‘’ program was organize and hosted by Alwafaa Group’s  SOFTWARE & MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Department, the program was filled with mind blowing games that refresh the team’s spirit. Of course the highlight of the program was announced by Alwafaa Group CEO, Muneer C. The shining star of October that goes to Mr. Upendra – Programmer – Software & Mobile App Development Team and The best performing department  of the month – Sales Team which has been consistently the best department for two months on achieving their target!   The program lasted for three hours and was concluded with the awarding’s of the winning team.

Employee of the month awards for July till September 2017

Enthusiasm, unity and hard work can show magical outputs! That is exactly Alwafaa Group is trying to showcase, one of the leading IT solutions company and Best Digital Agency in Dubai, UAE. Our active and energetic team are proving themselves better every day. To encourage them the awards of best performer and the best team is awarded every month. After the intensive selection base on the criteria given, following employees were selected as “Star  of the Month” for various months.


Star of the month – July 2017

Mr. Abdul Rahman

Designation: Technical Support Engineer



Star of the month – August 2017

Mr. Rahmathullah

Designation: Team Lead- Web development Team



Star of the month – September 2017

Mrs. Neethu Gineesh

Designation: Senior SEO – SEM Specialist


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