Facebook & Instagram were inaccessible late Wednesday and early morning Thursday

SAN FRANCISCO: What might occur if Facebook and rest of its applications —, for example, Instagram and WhatsApp — were to all go down at the same time? And after that stay out for a longtime?

On Wednesday, individuals around the globe discovered when each of the three platforms experienced intrusions for the duration of the day.

The issues started around 11 a.m. Eastern Time and influenced clients in nations including the United States, Japan, Australia and Mexico, as indicated by Down Detector, an investigation administration that considers itself a climate projection for the web.

Starting at 9 p.m. Eastern Time, the inconveniences over Facebook’s were not settled.

Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, as of late reported a push to bring the majority of his applications closer together, joining direct messages crosswise over various administrations. The administration interferences featured the potential dangers of a merged online life mammoth, as clients bounced starting with one desolate social feed then onto the next, hunting unproductively down updates.

On Instagram, profiles would not stack. Some Facebook clients signed on to exhaust news channels, while others could see their companions’ updates yet couldn’t care for them. Furthermore, WhatsApp clients experienced difficulty sending and accepting messages.

Indeed, even Facebook’s own bug report stage — in which it unveils what administrations are down — was disconnected. So the organization utilized one of the main significant online life stages it doesn’t possess, Twitter, to declare refreshes.

Since Facebook and its applications have such a significant number of clients — around 2.7 billion around the globe — the venting was, naturally, elevated. A few people communicated sadness at the applications being inaccessible.

Alwafaa Group January 2019 – Valentines Beat

Yes finally it’s a weekend & Love is in the air.

Alwafaa Team spent the Valentine’s Day with a fun filled program hosted by the Digital Marketing Department with the energetic coordinators; Mr. Ajmal & Ms. Riya themed Valentine’s Beat.

Though the program lasted for an hour, games are well played by the team who are eager to win and later on concluded with the prize distribution to the lucky technocrats!

Nevertheless, the wait is over for the announcement of Star of the Month & Best Team for January 2019. The CEO, Mr. Muneer C & GM Mr. Abdul Sameekh reveal the best performing staff.

A big congratulations to Mr. Anoop A C for being the Star of the Month for January 2019 & To The Sales Department for being the Best Team of the Month, Managed by Mr.  Nidhin Raj  and the team Mr. Anoop A CM, Mr. Siby Ps , Mr.  Anas Anekan , Ms.  Vijayalaxmi Mudakavi , Ms. Athulya Anil & Mr. Abdul Jabbar.

Our hard work and consistency will always be noticed & the vision, desire to initiate a task that result to a great achievement & success deserves a great gratuity.

Star of the Month & Best Department in November 2018

Monthly Program for November – Alwafaa Team
Winning is a passion, being victorious is a steady process. Alwafaa family for the last past 17 years in UAE stand apart with unique style in leading in our own way. To bring the Active performance and the passionate performance we showcase the talents of our teammates at our monthly Program. On 13th of December on our last monthly event of 2018 which was hosted by the Ms.Rincy Ms.Soofiya & Mr.Sooraj of Production team graced it with happiness and Colors from the Alwafaa premises. The group activities tightened the competition mind among the family for a joyful mood.
Mr. Muneer our CEO with his family and Mr.Abdul Sameekh our GM graced the event with a leading mentorship and guidance to us. It was a superb color day, then the time lead to the disclosure of the Best Team and Star of the Month of Alwafaa Performances.
Working front and beyond with words and clicks it was simply awesome with the performance of Ms. Riya AneeshLal the SEO Specialist of Digital marketing department who grabbed the Star of the month from among the tight competition overlapping two other finalists. And the biggest part was the Same Digital marketing Department Bagged the Team of the month for this time, led by Mr. Deepak Sahadevan and Team.
Amazingly with all color balloons and joy the whole team celebrated the day.
Wishes and Congrats to the Whole Team and Winners.

‘Long Live UAE, lets live with Pride’- Alwafaa celebrates 47th National Day.

The colored flags waved in the sky and it was the time to pay our tribute to the nation and its founders for their efforts to realize the dream of the Union and our brave armed forces, the pillar of our nation. The Alwafaa Group celebrated the 47th UAE National day at Alwafaa premises in the grand vibe by recalling the best of UAE memories and pride in working as expats.
The National day event started with the little Champs praise with the national anthem continued to the Invitee talk by General Manager Mr. Abdul Sameekh appraising the National Leaders followed by the Inauguration and talk by the CEO Muneer “Lets Remind and recall the fore leaders of the Union of emirates, lets love and live happily by giving hands to the needy” he added.

The Event was colored by the ambiance stetted up by the Alwafaa team at production hall. The wonderful and national prides events like National Anthem competition and Elocution on “I LOVE UAE” was held. The Projects team raised in the prize for National anthem Competition and Mr.Muhammed Anas from Sales and Marketing team and Mr. Deepak  Sahadevan from Digital Marketing bagged the first prize for elocution when Mr. Sanoop , Ms. Narcelie .Ms. Athulya grabbed the runnersup, After the events in all happy vibe the Sweetest part with the family was to share the Cake and Sweets all along. The family members made the day to wind up with the National Anthem sung together in the mind and heart with the spirit of the Union.
Yes, We are proud to live in UAE, and pride to be the expats.

Star of the Month – October 2018 | Alwafaa Group

To be happy and joyful always is a state of emotion, and that was an emoji Thursday at Alwafaa.

The monthly event coordinated by the Sales & Marketing department was hosted successfully with the full swing participation of Alwafaa family and the presence of Head Officials CEO Mr.Muneer & General Manager Mr. Sameekh graced with their presence.

With the past stories of success we Alwafaa always find the pavements for the best performance of the team and team members. As of the last month’s tight competitions and, based on their performance, skills and work ethics. We find the best among the best.

The Program held on 8th November 2018 from the Alwafaa Production Room declared the star of the month Mr. Abdul Rahman the perfect example for commitment to his passionate profession deserved it well, and it was little hard to take the best team for the month but to the last this was bagged by the Production Team lead by Ebini Paul and her teammates for the hard work committed to Alwafaa in the best hard times To get through the hardest journey we need to take only one step at a time but we must keep on stepping. This is Alwafaa stepping ahead to the Success stories.

Alwafaa Group on World Diabetes Day 2018

Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings.’ – Publilius Syrus

Alwafaa with Ahalia Medical Group on World Diabetes Day 14/11/2018 conducted a health campaign that aimed a Diabetes-free work life, by directions and support on diabetics. The Orientation focused on Diabetic free health with safety & Regulation from an early stage.
“This campaign comes to the beneficial of Alwafaa family member’s health care system on Diabetes and general fitness, safely and securely to improve the standards of healthy living” said Mr. Muneer Alwafaa Group CEO at the event.
The Program addressed the common barriers to understand diabetic health issues, precautions, and measures to raise awareness to suffered, encouraging care for self and others who struggles.
“We have to ensure that everyone spends the happiest moments in the daily life at our office healthy and happily’’ Mr. Abdul Sameekh the General Manager Alwafaa introduced the orientation which proceeded to the talks Dr. Sreelatha Gopalakrishnan, specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology Department of Ahalia Mini VM polyclinic Mentored and gave Orientation on Diabetic life and headed the checkup held at Alwafaa premises.
With the Team members of Alwafaa family, Ahalia Medical Group held free checkup to Team Members such as Health Consultation, Medical Advises, Blood Sugar Test, and Blood Pressure Test at Alwafaa Group Premise Happily, the whole Alwafaa team is fit with their health.

Alwafaa Group – UAE Flag Day 2018 Commemoration

Moving Ahead, Living with UAE’s Pride

It was an awesome day at Alwafaa. We proudly held the ceremony of UAE Flag Day, attended by Mr. Muneer, our CEO, Mr. Sameekh, our GM, with Alwafaa family Joined together with the presence of the guest Mr. Nikhil Raj from GMI GLOBAL.
The UAE Flag is a symbol of pride, loyalty and belonging for both Emiratis and expats is a wave of hope and belief, the belief of success.
And as the symbol of our union, strength and a source of pride for Men behind bringing UAE the best among the world. The day was blessed with joy and happiness covered all around our office with the color of UAE. The Flag was raised at the office premises today and the mentor words was followed up by our CEO.
And this day we call back our fore-leaders who brought out the power and space to build ourselves in the land of hopes – said by Mr. Muneer
Alwafaa wishes the whole people of UAE a courageous UAE Flag Day! This is the perfect time to express national pride and patriotism with the happiness.

Alwafaa Group Announces the Best Employee and Team in September 2018

No matter how smart, talented, driven, or passionate you are, your success as a team depends on the ability to build and inspire a happy team member too. A successful team keeps the story updated always for the success.

Alwafaa the best IT Service provider in Dubai always keeps up the vibe for team members to develop together and individually.

On the Event held on 8th of September at the Alwafaa creative zone which was organized by the Projects department and hosted by Reshma & Iqbal was a full packed entertainment blast for the whole Alwafaa tribe, the colorful and active participation of the team and Presence of CEO Mr.Muneer and General Manager Mr. Sameekh sweetened the day.

As the day went by it was the time to take over the Stars of the day, it was little hard to select one where everyone works together and hard, but not the last we found one. None other than Miss Narcelie as Star of the month for her Well profound management skills and time bounded task handling & we declared the Best team of the month, it was quite easy to grab the best this month for Digital Marketing Department lead by Deepak and his team because they were doing the best for last past month .
Congrats folks.

Star of the Month – August 2018 | Alwafaa Group

What else is a happy time with your teammates in a joy and colorful mood at your workspace! That’s were Alwafaa group becomes different in giving the employee freedom, with the evening vibes of monthly programs that go chit chats and hard competition. The happy presence of Official Head Mentors always give us lot of energy and enthusiasm to get succeeded as a family, Mr. Muneer our CEO & Mr. Sameekh was graced with their presence in the program.

On 11th of August 2018, the monthly program was organized and hosted by Alwafaa Group’s Production Department anchored by Mr. Rahmathullah & Miss Soofiya, the program was filled with mind blowing games and events that refresh the team’s spirit.

The most awaited announcement of the day the shining star of the month was bagged by simple cool Man of Alwafaa Family who run all around in the day with his beautiful smiles of happiness for our family Mr. Jabbar of Sales & Marketing Team. The program lasted for hour and was concluded with the
awarding’s of the winning team.

Each program gives the potential and belief in oneself to create a positive approach in making Alwafaa
family the best in the Services and in the inbound work life.

Alwafaa leading the way with joy & Success.

Alwafaa Group – Star of the Month for July 2018

Every day we do something that inches us closer to better tomorrow and smarter zones. The Active Alwafaa family together makes history of happiness and success through the last past 16 years.
In the month of August, it was super cool when the coordinators of the month held a colorful event based at the creative zone of Alwafaa Group premises on August 11th The Presence of the men behind the force, CEO Mr. Muneer and GM Mr. Sameekh showed us there is no barrier in working together as a family.
It was Ms. Sithara Salim who grabbed the star of the month – July 2018, after a pin to pin competition with other teammates. There something unique to tell about our star of the month she is simply superb in handling, managing situations and things in the coolest and perfect way. This made us title her.
We select the best by assessments depending on different criteria like reliability, teamwork, creative plans, work productivity, consistency and smart work.
It’s Alwafaa Group and we value Happiness. Let us grow together.

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