Chatbots- Tech-arm to add outstanding count on customers

Chatbots- Tech-arm to add outstanding count on customers

Being in a market, where internet penetration is 95%; strengthening digital presence is inevitable for businesses. To get attention from a market where more than 60 % of web traffic is accounted to smartphones, businesses should transform to the next level, where strong and sound digital support that can responsively pick up customer needs.

Chatbot is a trend to pave greater avenues for businesses. With an effective and efficient response system, these tech arm reveals the contributions of artificial intelligence(AI) in the areas of Business. AI-powered chatbots are being used by major Mashreq Bank and Emirates NBD since 2016. Today, the middle east has seen the boom of technological interventions and the adoption of the best tech-practices across every sector. Serving customers in no time is what every business looking for and more businesses are entering chatbots, to get along with the trend of delivering a personalized content experience, shorten response times, streamlined purchase, excellent customer service, etc. Chatbots play an integral role in delivering exceptional business services, hence more sectors are experimenting with the new trend of digital business.

Instant Response

To operate within a market, where customers preferring instant response is a greater challenge for today’s business. Chatbot serves the customers with AI capabilities and assists them quickly in finding answers to typical queries instantly. Chatbots for customer support help the business with minimal investments in time and resources, where organizations need to invest in repetitive tasks.

Chatbots built with robust natural language processing (NLP) and self-learning capabilities offer a sustained conversational experience by gathering huge volumes of customer data across channels and translating it into useful business insights.

Personalized interaction

Chatbot is built with functions to observe, analyze, and transform that could help them to evaluate buyer behavior through collated inputs from earlier interactions. Chatbots thus evaluate the purchase patterns and understand the preferences of the customers and prepare themselves for all required services.

With a strong database, they also show response accuracy, that could improve the effectiveness of an organization’s ‘conversational’ marketing. Providing individual attention to customers of a market, where the majority go behind personal preferences, Chatbots support business by informing and updating individual buyers. This is particularly critical for businesses in the UAE, where 65 percent of customers expect brands to grasp their personal preferences. Via dispensing situation-appropriate responses that motivate a purchase, Chatbots give individual attention with their AI-powered ability and develop well-informed buyer personas.

Timely push

Chatbots AI-powered functions can push out ads, discounts, deals, and purchase reminders to regain the prospect’s attention and get them to take action. The special predictive capacity of Chatbots supports them to precisely turn a prospective customer to a buyer. With automatic sales push strategies following the conversations, Chatbots also convert prospective buyers as customers. With timely alerts on just-released product features, maintenance updates, or hotfixes, they also handle existing customers well.

Chatbot’s ability to pick on the right people at right time, always adds competitiveness to the businesses. With intelligent monitoring of conversations, they promptly notify agents when it’s time for them to take over the conversation. This sort of timely communication is a powerful tool that helps businesses reach and retain customers.

Automate routine

With automated workflows, employees get out of the tedious tasks and these savings can be productively utilized for other developmental interventions of the firm. With a variety of business processes across departments and teams, Chatbots extend greater support and assistance, reducing the effort and time spent in each.

Chatbot is open for all businesses

Today, in the era of technology, Chatbots may sound experimental. But with the seamless integration over marketing and sales, companies like Du have excelled with the best of AI-powered Chatbot in the industry. Getting on with the latest trend, always add modernized business experiences to customers. Investing with the Chatbot can always promise a bright and loyal customer strength to the business.


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Digital Marketing Clasped Economy amid Pandemic

In the confinement era of 2020, businesses were revolving around technology. The physical store shutdowns and the lockdowns around the world suspended walk-in purchases across the globe. Before 2020, businesses were utilizing digital platforms to cast what they are special, whereas How digital marketing will change in 2020 is what the market is witnessing.

An explosive transition of modern marketing is telecasting from the presence of a business to the conduct of business digitally. The trends and necessities get perfectly aligned in this era. To be different from competitors and to provide exceptional customer experiences, businesses focus on the new avenues of Digital Marketing.  From banners to efficient and accurate digital campaigns and strategies, Digital marketing is growing across the globe.

In 2020 Digital Marketing is showing how important it is for the business by giving seamless opportunities to get connected with the audience. From the setup of the business, digital marketing is helping to build on brands and grow on needs. With abundant opportunities out of modern technology, this year digital marketing may revolve around artificial intelligence, programmatic advertising, and data-driven marketing, which can never be left by a business looking to get flourished. To conclude on how digital marketing will change in 2020, marketers could land on Green pressure, Brand Avatars, Metamorphic Designs, Civil media, and more. With new normal, Digital marketing experts says, “targeting as per lifestyle and behavior habits is the vision to adopt new means of digital marketing this year!!”.

Retailers to E-commerce Arena!

If you are a small business owner in 2020, Why you need your e-commerce website is not a question, instead answer for survival. The new E-commerce Arena had shown how important it is for the business to trade online. With abundant opportunities, the virtual business is getting to a new level of business culture, where nothing is compromised. With a full-fledged virtual store that ahead of everything that a physical store could provide, businesses of every kind are now testing the new trend and necessity of the time. E-commerce websites open avenues to grow brands and earn loyal customers.  With greater insights and innovative digital business tactics, e-commerce websites open a diverse platform for businesses across the world.

The popularity of the internet and advancement in technology paved quicker and easier means of life to people around the globe. With the best utilization of technology, businesses developed a culture of distance trading through online. With the pandemic era, this revolution had a transition to an inevitable change for them. In a time, where people spend more time online and stay in front of laptops or mobile phones, businesses explore a platform where they can sell their products and customers can purchase online in the comfort of home.

Entering E-commerce opens a wide platform for business. To get around customers across the world is easy with a virtual store. With the best of social media and search engine marketing, e-commerce could explore more opportunities to broaden the brand as well as to gain higher user conversion. A business with fewer overheads and less risk with minimal investment- The E-commerce arena is getting glorified amid the pandemic crisis too. Why should business take the risk of setting a physical store, when all that you need with a business is served well and give a great competitive advantage over the competitors. In a time where customers seeking the quickest and easiest way of purchase, why you need your e-commerce website? – the question stays invalid!!

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Why Mobile App Development is Important? Pandemic showed, how technology has come to the Rescue!!

Covid-19 has brought a new normal to every sector of the business. With the continual growth among smartphone users, the necessity of the pandemic era has cultivated the best platform for mobile app development. In response to ‘stay away to be safe’, a distance practice of human interaction became vital. Businesses in health, entertainment, education and more industries witnessed a revolutionary change in their operations; which was inevitable for existence amid the pandemic. In a matter of a few weeks, the digital world witnessed why mobile app development is important

To keep the people under the track of safety, government and health authorities also realized the fact of the importance of mobile app development. Countries all over the world relied on mobile applications to process with COVID control and management. These apps were widely used to track infected people and to communicate with citizens in a way to ease and simplify the efforts of authorities. Alhosn, the contact tracing mobile app developed by the UAE government as a tool of technology to beat the battle of COVID in UAE. Similarly, TraceTogether, CovidWatch, HaMagen, Arogya Setu, Corona Data Spende, COVID symptom tracker, etc. are the popular mobile applications developed to be a weapon to beat the COVID.

For the businesses, who were isolated from the customers to physical stores, mobile app development was a key tool. To keep their storefront active among customers who never walk-in to the store, was a matter of existence. From groceries to retail outlets of all kinds, followed mobile app development and begin with their virtual store to beat the crisis. The pandemic era leads the business to a transition from traditional to modern virtual practice. With more customers using, mobile devices, most of the businesses preferring mobile applications also highlighted why mobile app development is important during these pandemic times.

Service sectors including Health and Education were vital sectors, requiring daily operations. To get in touch with clients of all these service providers, modern mobile application technology is used at best. The convenience in getting with customers and ease of handling them over an app in their mobile devices went well during pandemic days. Educational institutes and organizations are serving most of the dependents through mobile users.

In the journey with COVID Battle, the Economy got stressed, however, the fuel up from the technology has saved many sectors to be in operation during the new normal of life. Apart from the featured advantages of mobile applications, Pandemic proved why mobile app development is important today.

Alwafaa Ranked as 4th among the Top Mobile App Development Companies in the UAE

Alwafaa added another golden milestone. Ever since from the inception, Alwafaa is glorified with the continual effort of a great team that is always packed to win. Amid the pandemic and amended work culture, the Mobile app development team of Alwafaa had won a greater title this year. The 4th Top Mobile App Development Company in the UAE, a perfect reward for a team that always comes without box strategies and cutthroat competitiveness.

In the ranking by the popular independent rating company,; Alwafaa is on fourth among the highly competitive 15 companies. The company has survived parameters like the technical expertise, extensive portfolio, Client reviews, and quality of the project. “With enormous satisfied clients, we had achieved a tremendous annual growth rate and client rate as well- The complete credit goes to my team and beloved clients who realized this. We are very delighted and encouraged to give more. We are grown more of responsibility and soon awaiting to meet more awards and appreciation.”- Said Mr. C Muneer, CEO of Alwafaa Group of companies.


Alwafaa, a proud companion of Work from Home Revolution

A better and healthy environment is always essential to make anything productive. In the context of COVID-19 outbreak and pandemic forced lockdowns, Businesses across the world are experiencing an ever seen crisis and difficult challenge of being in operation with employees. Being the popular talent-centric IT and digital solutions company in Dubai, the Alwafaa group has extended the extremity of care and concern to 100 percent of employees. The company has set up everything required to work in a remote system, and from March 2020 a new work culture has developed within the company, as similar to the way of routine office.

“We understand that still, the situation stays difficult for some of our team. We had given in a greater concern to our majority employees living with family here, provided that only 30 percent shall resume with routine office schedules from July 2020”- Said Mr. C Muneer; CEO of Alwafaa Group. We are hopeful to move with full confidence and strength amid the question of sustaining the depressed economy productively. The global business sector is undergoing a necessary transition to challenge with this unprecedented interruption on both operational and managerial performances. Hence, Alwafaa is also adapting to the new culture and normalcy- The CEO added.

UAE’s leading IT and Digital solutions company has coupled advanced technology and trends well to adapt to the new reality. Together in the run to curb the widening of COVID-19, Alwafaa group and the entire team is continuing to prepare to fight and get used to the new normalcy.

Dubai 30*30 Fitness Challenge – Bagged the 2nd best from 1000 of corporates

Alwafaa Group- A Complete Web Solution & Digital Marketing company is declared as the second best among thousands of corporate participants in Dubai fitness Challenge 2019. Bagging this great achievement in run with a month long journey of fitness and wellness added more pride to the popular IT solutions provider in UAE.
Inspired by the visionary of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Muhammad, the entire team of Alwafaa has joined hand together with Dubai fitness Challenge program –A month long fitness events and wellness sessions and classes across UAE.
To be in pace with the 30×30 challenge, Alwafaa organized four major fitness supporting events and ensured massive participation of the employees with heightened motivation and ambition. To begin with, the team had a medical camp for the employees in association with Icare Blue Clinic- An Emirates Healthcare Company. The camp lighted up the employees with the need of being fit in the corporate world. Following the challenge 30×30, later two weeks were exclusively dedicated for cardiac health workouts and aerobic sessions, in association with Challenge Fitness L.L.C. To mark that, the mission target is for life time, the team experienced a healthy meal together in association with Kayal star Restaurant, Dubai and also realized and promised on the development and maintenance of clean and healthy habit throughout the life.
“Fitness challenge 30×30 was not just a gear up of 30 minutes each day for us, it was a beginning of the journey to have healthy and happy assets in our family. We are thankful to the brilliant idea of our crown prince, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Muhammad for bringing up a healthy community here”. – the overwhelmed CEO, Mr. C Muneer commented.
Alwafaa is privileged to grab this title of second best corporate company in the fitness challenge 2019 and proud of being a part of Dubai- the healthy city to live. With this enormous appreciation, the team is more inspired and can’t wait longer to have them in Fitness Challenge 2020.

Tech Fit 2019

To mark the social commitment and involvement of Alwafaa Group on Dubai Fitness Challenge (30*30), A Free medical camp for the employees were organized. In association with Icare Blue Clinic- An Emirates Healthcare Company, the camp was executed well on 24th October 2019 at Alwafaa office in Dubai. With a vision to curate a healthy and fit working community, Alwafaa always odd with employee relationship programs. Tying the knot with Dubai fitness challenge, a strong and aspiring team of individuals were set to be a part of the mega event initiated by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Muhammad Al Maktoum.

The session was inaugurated by the Mr. C Muneer, C.E.O of Alwafaa. “A team of physically and technically fit personalities makes us always to wear the crown” – he added.  A detail seminar by Dr. Radha, was given to employees on the topics of Breast Cancer Awareness & prevention, Importance of Healthy Food and Role of Fitness among working community. Managing directors and other delegates of Alwafaa also addressed the mob with thoughts and view on a healthy community.

The formal session was followed by the medical checkup by the experienced panel of Doctors including Dr. Hasheer and Dr. Shahil from Icare Blue clinic. All the employees were screened by Doctors and consultation–cum-follow up was provided in all major disciplines. Besides the preliminary medical tests, participants were provided with fitness and diet consultation too.

“Conducting a medical camp for employees is our responsibility. When we couple it for Dubai fitness challenge preparation, it adds more glory” – CEO commented. With the massive participation of all the employees, the camp was a great success.

Iftar and Family Meet 2019

Ever since  Alwafaa Group was established, It was always been a “family first & work next!” And we are a FAMILY!! Inspired by the dedication of the employees, Alwafaa Group have organized a Grand Iftar Party and Family Meet 2019 together at the Calicut Notebook, Near Stadium Metro Station, Dubai, UAE.

The function has begun with the Qira’ath of Miss. Nehra Hanan & translated in english by Master Muhammad Nihan. The official session, opened by the warm words of Mr. Abdul Sameekh –  General Manager of Alwafaa Group & was followed by the keynote address given by Mr. Muneer, CEO of Alwafaa Group which was witnessed by the huge crowd including employees and their family members. Felicitation by Mr. Akbar Shah –  MD, Alwafaa Trusted Partner have made the event blessed and beautiful. It was a true blessing to everyone present over the function to hear from the Master of Accounts and most integral part of the company.

Encouraging and appreciating the efforts and contributions of the employee was a regular routine of Alwafaa Team. Recalling the dedication and commitment shown to the career by our valuable members, The Management of Alwafaa Group have made a beautiful announcements during the blessed eve.

The promotion list of the company employees has been disclosed in the function in front of friends and family members.  We have promoted the following employees in the year 2019.

  • Ms. Narcelie Libradilla – Digital Marketing Team Lead – Digital Marketing
  • Mrs. Soofiya Sajan – Web Development Team Lead – Website Development 
  • Mr. Anoop – Sales & Marketing Team Lead – Sales / Marketing 
  • Mr. Sanoob Salim- Senior Web Developer – Website Development 
  • Ms. Athulya Anil-  Admin Officer – Admin & Accounts

Special appreciation and Memento mentions for the exemplary employees of Alwafaa Group was also declared by CEO Mr. Muneer and the session was blessed by the presence of First lady of the establishment, Mrs. Shakira Muneer.

Special Memento Mentions 2019

    • Mr. Syed Najam Ahmed – General Manager – Digital Marketing

The most humbled and dedicated member of Team Alwafaa is appreciated for his years of excellent service and humbled character.

    • Mr. Shabeer – Public Relations Officer

A brother & companion of Alwafaa , who always made service upon his attitude and personality was appreciated for his accountable services over years.

    • Mrs. Ebini Paul – Manager – Website Development / Admin & Accounts

The most beloved chechi of Alwafaa was appreciated for her immense care and responsibility on everything about company affairs.

    • Mr. Abdul Jabbar – Messenger – Admin & Accounts

Is recognized and appreciated for the unconditional support and care for the past 11 years plus counting, towards  Alwafaa.

    • Mr. Abdul Sameekh – General Manager 

The Pillar of Alwafaa Group, A friend, brother and companion of Alwafaa Group with 17 years of trusted relationship. He is also a partner of Alwafaa.

  • Ms. Narcelie Libradilla – Digital Marketing Team Lead – Digital Marketing has been declared as the Best Employee of the Year 2018

Felicitations and appreciation speech on employees were extended by Mr. Deepak Manager – Digital Marketing, Mr. Afsal Manager – Software & Mobile App Development, Mr. Nidhin – Manager Sales & Marketing and Ms. Ebini Paul- Manager – Web Development. The Crowd also witnessed a token of words from family members and Master Salman Muneer. The grand evening came to an end with the birthday bash and an enticing buffet dinner by 8.30 PM.

Facebook Introduced New Tributes Section to Honor a Loved One After They Pass Away

Facebook has recently introduced separate Tributes section on a memorialized  profile where family and friends can share memories about the person in their remembrance all while preserving the original timeline of their loved one.

The platform will also only allow friends and family members to request having an account memorialized.

Legacy contacts can now moderate the posts shared to the new tributes section by changing tagging settings, removing tags and editing who can post and see posts. This helps them manage content that might be hard for friends and family to see if they’re not ready. And Facebook requested to parents who have lost children under 18 to become their legacy contact.

Facebook also improved its artificial intelligence systems to prevent the memorialized profiles from making awkward appearances. It will keep the profile from showing up in places where they may cause distress, such as recommending the deceased be invited to an event.

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