Instant Upgrade For Your Chrome OS Interface

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Chromebook has introduced a new and improved way of getting stuff accomplished, all you will take is just 20 seconds to turn it on. With the new Chrome OS launcher design, Google’s Chrome OS software is in the latest state of evolution. Though the new announcement has been under development since this summer, the revamped and spruced up Chromebook app setup is now available in the regular Chrome OS stable channel.


The new Chromebook Launcher is undoubtedly similar in basic structure to the Windows 10 Start menu settings. Ironically, if Google seeks familiarity at all levels to attract business opponents who depend on Windows, Microsoft is away from its design. On Windows 11-Updated. The new Chrome OS launcher interface feels like a really useful improvement in the context of the Chromebook environment. The layout of the full-screen app drawer that Chromebooks have been using for years certainly makes sense on Android, where most people work on phone-sized screens. This is the most efficient place to browse all your apps together in this full-screen view and find what you need.


However, on Chromebooks, the size of the display makes the full-screen display a little less optimal. Optically, you need to scan a large area to find the object you are looking for. Also, individual page setups often require a bit of awkward scrolling from page to page to scroll through the available options. This is an effect caused by the annoying habits of traditional Chrome OS launchers. The app grid has gotten worse and doesn’t provide an easy way to automatically place and merge icons.


The updated Chrome OS Productivity Launcher puts everything together in a window that occupies a small part of the screen. You can continuously scroll through the app list without breaking focus. When you drag and drop the app to a new location, the Chromebook will automatically relocate everything else to fill the space. The new Chrome OS Launcher also keeps Google’s recently renamed Everything Button as well. This is a button formerly known as a search button or launcher button, in case you can’t keep up with endless Google name changes.


The five-step Chromebook launcher upgrade

Switching to the new Chrome OS Productivity Launcher will take you all of 20 seconds only – here are the steps –

  1. On your Chromebook, open up a new Chrome browser window and type chrome: flags into the address bar.
  2. On the popping screen, type launcher into the search box
  3. Click on the box next to “Productivity experiment: App Launcher”? and change it from “Default” to “Enabled.”
  4. Then find the line labeled “Launcher Categorical Search” and make the same switching there as well.
  5. Finally, click on the blue Restart button in the lower-right corner of the screen and permit yourself to get giddy with anticipation.


Upon turning on this, Chromebook will restart, and you can simply click the circle-shaped icon in its lower-right corner, you can explore more with Chrome. The new launcher is made available in the stable channel of Chrome OS 94 and as well as on the newer and still-actively-rolling-out Chrome OS 96 update.


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