WhatsApp photos and videos can now disappear after a single viewing

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WhatsApp introduced a new feature to mark photos and videos as ‘View Once’.This new feature listed in the settings of WhatsApp prevents media from being seen multiple times in the receiver’s device.

WhatsApp addition of the optional “View Once” setting to its in-application camera,  allows users to send photos and videos in chats that can only be viewed a single time.

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With multiple benefits on media confidentiality and misuse prevention, the feature is well accepted by users across the globe. Sharing sensitive information, such as a Wi-Fi password, photos, or any media which the sender tends to be seen only once are the few cases, where the feature is highly appreciated.

To facilitate this feature, users can manually turn the ‘View Once’ setting appearing against each photo or video they share in a chat.

How to mark a photo or video as View Once in WhatsApp?

  • Once the photo or video to be sent is selected in WhatsApp, tap on the icon with the number ‘1’ to the right of the “Add a caption…” field.
  • This will enable the ‘View Once’ setting on the selected piece of media. By tapping on the number ‘1’ icon again, this setting can be turned off before sharing the photo or video in the chat as well.

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