Abu Dhabi Digital Authority warn on mass mail attack in UAE

Abu Dhabi Digital Authority warned users across UAE on the mass mail attack, recently exposed across
the country. In their recent post on twitter, ADA advise users to check on the source of e-mails received,
the incoming calls, the type of information required, and do not download any attachments from
unknown sources in order to avoid infecting device,”

According to recent reports from police and banking institutions, various incidents of fraudulent
activities and theft through electronic medias had made many victims due to the lack of caution in their
financial dealings online.

The authority also advised people to comply with safety measures that could help the devices to provide
better protection, and enables to detect and delete viruses that can steal vital data.

Mass mail attack target the users server to cause malfunction and retrieve data they are looking for. It is
a type of service disruption cyber attack which involves sending a large number of e-mail messages to a
single e-mail address in a short period of time, with the aim of exceeding the user’s inbox space.

Thus it is inevitable to hold awareness on these attacks on cyber space and "This caution is one of the
most important tools that protect against cyber risks,” ADA tweeted.

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