Google announced more features in Web Stories for WordPress

Google announced more features in Web Stories for WordPress

Google has presented new updates for those who utilize Web Stories for WordPress over content, caption, and GIF tools. The Web Stories for WordPress 1.1 is the primary major upgrade after the starting steady discharge and incorporates three huge updates: Great typography with the assistance of the modern font-aware text sets, incalculable high-performance GIFs powered by Tenor, and caption support for videos.

“On the text tab, you’ll presently discover a list of quality text sets made particularly for publication use-cases,” Google said. Web Stories are a free, open-web, visual narrating arranges for the web, empowering individuals to effectively make visual stories with locks in animations. The company has joined forces with the typography specialists at iA, known for its award-winning app iA Essayist and world-class typography craftsmanship. The result could be a set of carefully made combinations that let clients blend and coordinate distinctive agreeable typography and an energetic flip (‘Fonts in Use’) that appears them as it were text sets that coordinate what they are as of now using.

GIFs can now be embedded in Web Stories with Tenor integration.
“Go wild and implant the idealize energized GIF into your story, fair one tap absent kindness of Tenor. And as an included reward, we utilize tall performance video rather than the GIF format behind the scenes to create beyond any doubt stories stack rapidly,” Google informed.

With the new caption features, web Stories has also become easier for viewers who have hearing loss or are simply in a situation where they can’t turn up their volume. “You can now upload video captions directly in the editor, making things easier to reach audiences who require text”, Google said.

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