Star of the Month & Best Department in November 2018

Monthly Program for November – Alwafaa Team
Winning is a passion, being victorious is a steady process. Alwafaa family for the last past 17 years in UAE stand apart with unique style in leading in our own way. To bring the Active performance and the passionate performance we showcase the talents of our teammates at our monthly Program. On 13th of December on our last monthly event of 2018 which was hosted by the Ms.Rincy Ms.Soofiya & Mr.Sooraj of Production team graced it with happiness and Colors from the Alwafaa premises. The group activities tightened the competition mind among the family for a joyful mood.
Mr. Muneer our CEO with his family and Mr.Abdul Sameekh our GM graced the event with a leading mentorship and guidance to us. It was a superb color day, then the time lead to the disclosure of the Best Team and Star of the Month of Alwafaa Performances.
Working front and beyond with words and clicks it was simply awesome with the performance of Ms. Riya AneeshLal the SEO Specialist of Digital marketing department who grabbed the Star of the month from among the tight competition overlapping two other finalists. And the biggest part was the Same Digital marketing Department Bagged the Team of the month for this time, led by Mr. Deepak Sahadevan and Team.
Amazingly with all color balloons and joy the whole team celebrated the day.
Wishes and Congrats to the Whole Team and Winners.

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