Alwafaa Group Announces the Best Employee and Team in June 2018

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.
Victory and success lay with us, here at Alwafaa we always keep the tradition of happy team building and joyful atmosphere for the staff and team members to develop themselves and to bring the positivity in them.
As part of the continuous and arousing programs conducted we are happy to announce the best team and star of the month held at 10th of July at Alwafaa Creative zone.
Everyone Works harder and happier here, although some go little ahead we make this occasions to ignite the skill and ability in every team member of ours. So Here this young ebullient man Mr. Bibin Mathew who has actively worked in the assigned job role being the Team Lead – Projects Department never give up to his passion towards the job, yes this person deserves the Star of the month June 2018.
When one becomes a team player whole team becomes the foundation behind the best leads for a firm, let us introduce the energetic and most active Department for the season Digital Marketing Department lead by Mr. Deepak S – Project Manager and his teammates. Obviously, they entitle this.
Kudos to the whole team of Alwafaa, we value your commitments with us. We are a family let us share our happiness, this smart work and team game hold us together. Let it be forever.

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