Star of the Month for May 2018

Alwafaa being the best Digital Service provider has lot of success stories, where each and every staff plays the premiere role in bringing us to the top in Dubai. Yet to this happiness working around the globe, we know we have an efficient team here and some super smart team players too, to raise everyone to this position we find the superstar of each month to find the best and to motivate others too, here it’s Mr. Muhammed Shavad VP for the month of May 2018 who is an inspiring character for whole our family in doing the things in perfect way. Surely this star of the month goes for him, deserved at right hands.

People work all around but some men and women do the super best because they play the brilliant roles always.
This is Alwafaa Group – Best Digital Marketing and Web hosting company in Dubai. We raise and grow together.

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