Who doesn’t like clicking pics? At the same time all of us love appreciation, don’t we? Instagram is one of the easiest social media App to establish yourself in an effective manner. Instagram is an App which helps you in posting photographs, images and videos. The recent study shows that there are more than 150 million users in Instagram who are between the age groups of 18 to 35. It can be mentioned as a simplified version of Facebook. Here are some tips for you to strengthen your presence there.

Square it!
There are many photo editors available now and make your pics square! This attracts and gives a clean look to the images and adds more viewers. One of the advantages of squaring the images is that of reduced chances of cropping and an impression of fuller images.

Always use a short link!
If you want to make sure your uniqueness and trend, create a personalised link and connect it to the Instagram profile. If you are trying to establish a business firm, then do not make it in the name of a single person but the company.

The Hashtags#
Hashtags are the very new style setters available on the internet. Try searching for the trendy hashtags. This will automatically bring up your profile and shows up in the search results.

Channelizing the traffic
Okay! Now you must be thinking about increasing the viewers and followers in your Instagram. Here is the solution. You can ask for the e mail Id’s of your followers and personally message them. It can give a positive impact on speaking directly to the people.

Mix and match
Try adding up videos along with the images. Try to select impressive and attractive videos which can catch the attention of viewers and audience.

Connect it to the real life
Connect your story to the real life incidents and make it look more real. Don’t fill it up with too much of artificiality and pompoms which makes it look bit unbelievable.

Be creative in content writing
Make sure that your content is share worthy because it increases popularity. Be aware of the hashtags and language you use in the App as well.

Get in touch with influencers
Look up for the people who can help you to promote your profile and get in touch with you. We can try going for cross promotions which means both of you promoting each other’s products or profile. This increases credibility in the audience.

Be organized
Be prepared to host a campaign or promote an event via your profile and list up the important days coming up on the upcoming months. Prioritize things according to the type of products and business you are doing.
Still waiting? Let’s start working our marketing ideas through Instagram!

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