Products – Terms & Conditions

  1. Website will be ready in 30 working days from the approval of detailed Project Plan.Payment integration will depend upon the payment gateway provider.
  2. One year of technical maintenance is free.
  3. All contents and photographs must be provided by the customer.
  4. The data entry under the dynamic category must be done by the customer, whereasthe sample data will be uploaded by Alwafaa.
  5. If the client needs data entry assistance under the dynamic category, Al Wafaa will provide it, and charges will apply based on the work. Training will be given to any one of the staff of the customer.
  6. Training will be given to any one of the staff of the customer for the data entry under the dynamic category at Al Wafaa premises one time.
  7. If the client needs a second training session at Al Wafaa premises, it will be charged at AED 250. If training is required at the client’s site, the charge is AED 400.
  8. The client should pay 5% VAT as per UAE Law.
  9. The web hosting charges will be yearly.
  10. The client has to provide PayPal/bank account details to integrate the online payment system.
  11. Progress of the job will be uploaded under a temporary URL for the customer’s approval. The final website will be launched on the main domain after complete approval and full payment.
  12. Extra charges will apply if the project is delayed due to late provision of necessary content by the client.
  13. Shipping integration will depend on the shipping provider. The client will be responsible for connecting us directly with the chosen shipping provider
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