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What Are The Mobile App Development Trends 2022?

The huge transition from offline to online market and business is witnessing new normalcy in the business environment. Just how, walk-in customers were transmitted to virtual shoppers, everything about business is following trends. The revolutions in the smartphone industry, Covid pandemic, change in buyer behaviors, etc., have caused a huge change in approaches to the market. Today, nothing is impossible with a smartphone. From work to entertainment, shopping, and all that a modern man is seeking is encompassed in mobile phones. To meet these growing requirements, mobile applications do follow the trends. Trends of Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain, on-demand apps, chatbots, are getting accommodated with modern mobile applications.

Let’s see what are the mobile app development trends in the year 2022-

1. Mobile commerce

The trend of virtual business had gained more popularity and dominance during the pandemic era. From 2020, 2021, and now to 2022, the new customer behavior is taking a huge turn for mobile commerce. Mobile phones, being the hub of everything around lives, mobile commerce applications will be of huge in demand and top in trend.

2. Cloud-based apps

Efficient infrastructure and hybrid solutions are the major requirements of every company. Cloud computing integration isn’t a new concept but it hasn’t reached its full potential yet. Instead of storing information on the user’s smart device, the app can store data and perform complex functions. This saves space and is convenient. Not only does this save development time, but cloud-based solutions are also cost-effective. By the end of 2022, approximately 85% of enterprise workloads will be cloud-based. Hence cloud-based app developments will remain the focus of 2022.

mobile app development dubai

3. Mobile wallets

A mobile wallet is a virtual wallet that users can use to store payment card information for making payments in stores. During the COVID era, the acceptance of contactless payments via mobile wallets increased, and the trend is still growing and we are increasingly using such wallets like Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, etc.

4. AR/VR trends

Modern online platforms are undergoing a transition to AR/VR. Virtual shopping, tours, etc., have taken their role at a greater pace. Companies like Sony, Facebook, Samsung, etc. introduced devices compatible with VR experiences already and changed the user experiences.  As user interfaces improve user experiences, that could lead towards more engagement. Mobile app developers of 2022 will be counting and considering these growing trends and implementing the same with their mobile app developments.

5. Smart things

Smart devices have been penetrating across a broad range of categories and industries. IoT is a network of devices connected via the internet, providing automated control to the end-user. Smart home, office, warehouse technologies are an example of this. From automated gates to automated works of appliances and machinery, a software interface is required. Thus, in 2022, smart things are a trend.

6. Wearables

Wearable technology will hit 2022 to a greater extend. We have been experiencing smartwatches, fitness bands, trackers, etc., and today every manufacturer offers an upgraded version of smartwatch and smart earbuds/AirPods in response to change in technology. The growth began in 2017 with 18.1% of the population using wearable technology will continue to grow in 2022. Thus more mobile apps, for these wearables will be in huge demand in the market.

7. Apps for foldable devices

Mobile phones have been revolutionizing the world over the past decades. Transitions from buttons to touch screen with a one-button or not button and many more. And, now we are witnessing foldable devices like Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X, and Motorola Razr. These phones had a great impact on the user experience as they can fold and unfold the device as per their requirements. In 2022, the mobile app development trend will be, introducing applications in a ‘foldable device responsive’ format. As these foldable smartphones compress and expand screen sizes based on user preference, mobile applications should do the same in response to change in screen size.

mobile app development dubai

8. 5G technology

5G is the advanced new generation of communication network innovations that build more sophisticated AR and VR apps, stream 4K and 360 videos and open the door to more connected IoT devices.  Compared to 4G technology, 5G is 100 times faster, and with the spread of 5G, the functionality of mobile apps will eventually improve and development trends will increase. For developers, resellers, and authors, this technology is transforming the way mobile apps are used.

9. Beacon technology

Beacon technology is widely used in industries like health care, e-commerce, museums, and hotels. This 9-year-old technology is now a trend in mobile app development.  The installed Store Beacon connects to the user’s phone via Bluetooth to offer offers and promotions. Users receive all kinds of sales or product information in their area. Beacon technology trends include mobile payment beacons, AI-enabled chips, and the automated impact of AI and ML. Beacon will track users’ behavior in the store and know if they are spending a certain amount of time on a particular product category/service, enabling the provider to have a hold on them in the way they will turn into a customer.

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mobile application development dubai

What are the Challenges faced during Mobile app development in Dubai?

Dubai is the most dynamic city across the world to witness spectacular changes in business, technology, tourism, and much more. The boom in digital technology paved more opportunities for businesses to get nourished in minimal time. With the trends of smart and digital gadgets and devices, modern businesses including startups are finding opportunities that could help pop up across the markets.

With the explosion in the number of small gadget users, digitalization is now starting with mobile application development. Operating in the fastest growing city like Dubai demands businesses to be updated in parallel to technology, investing in same a guaranteed return. Today, mobile app development Dubai has grown as a necessity to conquer market and business.

Counting on the advantage of surging demand on mobile app development Dubai, digital solutions industries began to expand their service like mobile app developers. Though the rise in the number of players offering mobile application development services kept on growing, the expectations and purpose of proposed application development for various disciplines are also exposed to various challenges. This article is planned to showcase some common challenges faced by the mobile app developers during their attempt at mobile app development Dubai.

Here are some major challenges faced by app developers while planning, developing, and marketing mobile apps.

mobile application development dubai
Knowing what to Develop

The foremost challenge in mobile app development Dubai, is to hold proper know-how on what to develop and how to develop. To withstand the competition heat and to earn a competitive advantage in the industry, delivering the best of business and customer experience is always possible if the proper know-how on requirements and scope of the mobile application.
Mobile app development Dubai will go hassle-free if the developer is proficient in recognizing the purpose and function of the application. As the greatest challenge of mobile app development is delivering in parallel to the specifications and expectations of the client, the perfect know-how on purpose will help land with an app in spectacular specifications. If the application could perform well to execute business performance without any hurdles, the business will move towards profitability in the short course.

mobile app development dubai
Estimating competition

The surge in mobile device users exerts pressure on marketers to use the platform that could generate leads and sales. Mobile app development is not just planned to create a digital identity, but a greater platform that could keep the business alive by keeping the users engaged with the best of experience.
With hundreds of thousands of mobile applications trying to stand out from the crowd, an app developer always faces the challenge of planning and designing an application that could help them to rule over competitors. An excellent agency in mobile app development Dubai, can always figure out what are the tricks and strategies to hit the target market to generate an enormously positive response they are looking for.

Understanding Target Market

Every attempt on digital technology integration to business is focused on the goal to reach target customers. Mobile app development Dubai experts, find pretty huge challenges in understanding the target market, such as how they could reach target customers and how they could convert them as customers through a novel model of the mobile application.
When the market is competitive, the investment made in each venture should realize the long-term goals of the firm. With mobile app development, by monitoring installs, downloads, costs to acquire customers, average session lengths, average revenue per user, etc., an excellent mobile app developing team can land on with right solutions that could manage the target audience at best with a better application.

Understanding OS of users

Smartphone users are rapidly growing across the world. With advanced features and spectacular upgrades, smartphones play a vital role in today’s market. With the surge in mobile device users over internet technology, businesses require to utilize maximum users.
This attempt would go challenging with experts of mobile app development Dubai as the need to accommodate maximum smart device users is the priority. To engage maximum users, designing an application that would best suit the operating systems of target customers is required. Understanding proposed user’s devices and launching an application that would go best aligned with device operating systems like Android and iOS can be best done by a leading mobile app developer in Dubai.

Compatibility to different Devices & Screens

One of the major challenges faced by mobile app developers is that to deal with different screen sizes and devices that the app will need to fit. Designing and developing an app that would work only for few devices and screen sizes is not an economical option. However, an application that would suit all types of screens will pursue the function at best as well.
The challenge involved is to develop an app that can run fluidly across as many devices with as many screen sizes as possible. With responsive design for apps, an excellent mobile app developer can offer client screen and device compatible applications. As the responsive designs provide flexibility to get used in any device, more target customers can be served well.

mobile app development dubai
mobile app development dubai

Security issues are a greater concern for mobile app developers. Performing in online platforms attracts various threats that would even cause extinction. Mobile app developers have to work hard to meet all required security issues related to application usage. As this involves a great deal of time and money, ensuring security around devices and applications can be a strenuous task for the developer. An experienced mobile app development team can always design an application with optimum security norms, secure customer usage space, and enhanced customer data protection.

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Professional designers of our team research and develop a suitable platform for your convenience to execute your business online on small devices. Our Customized mobile applications for your business always attract customers and provide the best user experience, so that they are retained.

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Benefits of Having a Mobile App

We are living in a digitally smart world where around 85% of the people own mobile devices and access the internet. Recent surveys are showing the hike in the users who search for mobile applications in relation to their needs and wants.  Most of the products and services are now available on online markets and, even for offline purchases customers are preferring mobile applications to get on the reviews or feedback. Sales of goods and rendering services are mostly online in the modern digital context.

Mobile app development companies in Dubai is grabbing this opportunity at its best potential with various applications that are compatible for various os such as Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile. Digital advancement has virtualized every business around us. With the surge in mobile device users, most of them are accepting the need for a mobile app for his/her business.

Mobile app development is a series of process and procedures involved in setting software compatible for small devices like mobile phones, tablets, etc. To attract customers on the small screen, mobile app development companies in Dubai come up with comprehensive ideas and creativity to couple technology in the task of mobile app development. Mobile app development companies in Dubai are highly equipped to meet the elevating requirements on applications for android, iOS, and Windows platforms.

Features of Mobile Applications

  • Easy and fast marketing
  • Increases the reach
  • Scalable
  • Cost-effective
  • Connect easily
  • Secures your data
  • Easy to maintain
  • Improve customer relationships
  • Real-time project access

 Benefits of Having a Mobile App

More volume of customers prefers small gadgets; Hence organizational online venture should be compatible with those to provide a user friendly experience. As the normal web pages or portals do not fit to the small screens perfectly, the need of exclusive mobile applications arises. Following are the major reasons to have a mobile app for your business.

More Business Exposure

Across the globe, there are more than a billion smartphone users and this statistic is growing rapidly. As most of the people prefer small screens, having a mobile app will give a great exposure to the business. As the current marketing trends are digitalized, increased exposures are guaranteed with apps. By using the best digital marketing tool, mobile applications can be familiarized to the target group of customers. Getting more exposed means, the business is reaching more and obviously will earn more.

Most Viable Marketing Tool

Reaching on the target group of customers are the prime goal of any marketing team. By owning a mobile application for your business, massive information about your customers can be earned.  The demographics and geographical locations earned thus can be strategically used to inform your customers about your products, services, news feeds, product specifications, new features, prices, promotions, and special rates. You can know the preferences of certain customers and meet their individual needs. The fact that you are marketing more directly is a huge advantage. Mobile app development will be a great idea to have the most valuable marketing tools and thereby expanded the business.

More Access for the Customers

Mobile applications are highly convenient as more people are glued on smartphones. A mobile app of your business or store can give more access to the customers on the huge list of products and services offered. To be odd among the stores offering similar products and services, owning a mobile app can support you. Using area wise sensitive messages, or discount notifications will attract curious customers among the target group. This will generate more traffic and thereby business see the heights.

Build Brand Recognition

One of the major highlights of an own mobile app for your business is the recognition you earn in the market. Instead of going wild on print advertisements and billboards, the mobile app will create a mass group of customers. Through unique ways, you can enter to every nook and corner of online space where they interact more and get familiarized. A functional app will ensure the involvement of customers through effective strategies. Referrals and recommendations of third parties will make more awareness of your brand. Promotions through the mobile app will attract customers, and once they fall in love with you, the business will spread.

More Customer Engagement

Being unreachable or running out of stock are the major challenges faced by the business. By owning a mobile application, you can provide a platform for the customers to post on their queries, orders or comments and compliments. This will be a motivating factor to others who visit across as well as a better strategy to hold the customers by reducing a bouncing.  As mobile applications provide fast and secure procedures to make booking or complaints, customers remain happy to get engaged with you. Going for mobile development for your business is like owning a handy tool to maintain and engage your target group of customers.

Most Impressive Tool to Stand Odd

If your business could offer a platform on a small screen, where they are able to see your products and services. Investing in mobile apps will advantage you to stay odd among competitors with more grace as these apps are fast, easy, and simple to operate. This will drive in more customer engagement and loyalty to the business.

More Customer Loyalty

Mobile apps generate massive hike in customer loyalty as it allows your businesses to communicate directly with customers. Whenever they make In-app purchases, ads, promotions, and notifications are sent to customers’ phone via mobile apps and this will impress them. Having customer’s demographic details will help the business to convey your concern on them at an instance. Through the mobile app, you can also promise customer service, which will turn more clients loyal to you.

Great Way to Link with Social Media

Going for a mobile app development for your firm will promote your company at maximum intensity. With the apps you can add various features including, like, share or follow or even enabling login via social media accounts, which will make you popularized through social media where millions of people are scrolling round. As mobile apps are a great way to link with social media accounts of users, wide chance of spread and thereby effective increase on customer engagement, repeated sales, retention and monetization can be realized.

 A Compliment Over Your Website

Having a mobile app will complement the capabilities of a website. Even though websites are a great way to attract more customers, the reality of more number of small screen users prioritizes the need of having a mobile app. More customer loyalty, brand awareness, and exposure can be done through mobile apps. It is also a great way to collect more information and data on customer behaviors, location, purchase preferences, etc., which can be used in the future to enhance business.

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What you need to know on newly launched Google’s Files Go app

Google’s most up to date Android application oversees capacity, effortlessly share documents on your mobile phones.

Overseeing stockpiling on smartphones or tablet is one of the all the more irritating undertakings we need to normally manage. Clients are looked with inquiries of choosing which applications to erase, how much room it will spare, and chasing down documents that simply aren’t required.

Google’s Files Go app was recently released, with a purpose to help you manage storage and transfer files even you are offline or no internet.

The landing page of the Files Go application subtle elements stockpiling measure of your gadget, and how much space is being utilized. Below that is a feed, similar to Google Now or the Assistant feed in Google Photos that makes recommendations to help free up some space.

You will receive notifications for the apps you have not used for the past one month or apps with a huge cache of unnecessary files, duplicate files, audio files stored on your device.

Experience each ready, pick and pick what stays and what goes, at that point cheer at your recently recovered space.

At the base of the application is a Files tab. The Files segment offers a record manager view, with scrapes separated into sorts. The sections include downloads, received files, apps, images, videos, audio and documents.  The documents that appear in every class don’t really originate from the fitting Android stockpiling organizers. Rather, the Files Go applications checks your gadget and adds the documents to the application.

Normally, you can erase and deal with any documents in this segment of the application. Besides, you can utilize the offer fasten to back the record to Google Drive or Dropbox before expelling it from your mobile phone or tablet.

It’s somewhat covered up, however Files Go incorporates the capacity to impart documents to close-by companions. It works from numerous points of view like Apple’s AirDrop highlight, utilizing a protected hotspot association between two gadgets to exchange the document.

Rather than having the capacity to send records to irregular outsiders, the beneficiary should affirm the association between the gadgets previously anything can be sent or got.

To use the file sharing feature, each person will need to visit the Files tab and select Send or Receive. After that, follow the prompts to complete the transfer.

In the Settings for Files Go, you can change the name that appears for document sharing, and control cautions for different triggers (low stockpiling or vast media records, for instance).

Inside a couple of minutes of introducing Files Go on a mobile phone, recovered more than 500MB of space without doing quite a bit of anything. Since may not seem like a considerable measure, but rather for the individuals who are as yet utilizing a 16GB or 32GB gadget, that 500MB can mean a great deal.

8 Golden steps to climb before going for Mobile App Development

Aren’t we going to hit 2020 in 3 years and you are still stuck with just a website? There is no doubt in the reach of a website but we cannot ignore the prominence of mobile applications. Who doesn’t like the easy access? So thinking about having one? This blog may help you in getting an idea!

1.Do you actually need it?

That is the first step! Yeah! Think about it. In case, you are already having a website and which doesn’t require a mobile App, there is no point in creating one. So this is a very important question. If you feel to getting your business easy and accessible to the public, then you should definitely go for it. Check for the possibilities of profit maximization and be specific about what you need.

2. Look around!

Keen observation skills can definitely help you in understanding the new trends in Mobile App development.  Look around for something similar and check out how they are functioning. Sometimes a little peeking can help you! Be aware of what’s coming up and hit the goal on time!

3. Target your people!

Focus on your target audience and the country you are releasing the App. They are the ones who decide the success of your App. Get into research and find out who is more interested in your field of business.  Make sure your App meets all criteria for them and it is open to accept suggestions and changes.

4. Choosing Native or Hybrid

Don’t get confused with the terms Native/ Hybrid. Native means the smartphone applications developed particularly for mobile operating system (Objective – C or Swift for iOS etc.) Hybrid means the Applications developed using HTML. So here, you need to decide which one you are opting for your App.

5. Develop a trial version

Obviously, it requires an investment from your end. Instead of bringing the full version first, come up with a base version (Minimum Viable Product) of the App. Let it go for the trial and get access by the users. It can actually save your money and you will get to know the response from people and there are many chances for you to rectify the mistakes.

6. Getting feedback

Getting valuable feedbacks after launch is very crucial and it will help you mould the App in the most effective manner. It can help you detect the bugs and correct the errors as soon as possible.

7. App Updates

Everyone loves a responsive and engaging Mobile Application. Try to inculcate more features which are interesting and easy to use. Be creative in your thoughts and try to bring in more audience. This will definitely make you stand out in the crowd and run your business successfully.

8. Checking the success rate

The final stage of a Mobile App can be that of determining key metrics. You can measure the success rate of your App ones it goes online. It will consolidate, measure and analyze the performance of the App. If it shows some mistakes, it can be rectified and made proper.


The brand new news for Mobile App developers is the launch of ‘Kotlin’! Wondering what it is? Kotlin is the official programming language for Android development. It is built by Jet Brains, the company behind tools like IntelliJ. It runs on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and it’s already possible to use Kotlin and many other JVM languages for Android development. What makes Kotlin special? Yes! There is an explanation for that as well. Kotlin is expressive, concise, extensible, powerful and interesting to read and write. It’s amazing features helps in making Android Apps healthy and performing by default.

Apart from that, Kotlin works side by side with Java and C++ on Android. As an added advantage you can keep your existing code and continue to use the various Android libraries and incrementally add Kotlin code to your projects. It is not a replacement for existing Java and C++ but only an additional language. Kotlin plugin can be downloaded for the Android studio. You can call into the Java language from Kotlin, and you can call into Kotlin from the Java language. In short it is a two-way process.

As per Google, Kotlin is an open sourced project under the Apache 2.0 license, as a luminously designed, mature language that can make Android development faster and with more fun. Kotlin tools will be encompassed with Android studio 3.0 by default, and Jet Brains and Google are assuring to support the language going onward. Kotlin as a language has a lot of similarities to Java in structure its object oriented and statistically typed and designed for similar problems Java solves. As referred as a clean slate, Kotlin adds a lot of nice features such as a much cleaner syntax, ideas from functional programming and other enhancements over Java. The news has received wide acceptance from the audience so far and everyone is waiting to try it out.

Factors to Consider in Developing Mobile App: Best Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai

Mobile users has had is increased its number recently due to its advantages and great user experience. Because of its extensive demand in the world market, giant companies like Apple, Samsung, Blackberry have developed different brands of mobile devices differ in sizes, design, and features.
Apart from devices, Mobile Apps became on trend as well. Mobile devices are very boring without mobile applications which provide different kinds of features and easy access to users.
What is a mobile application? Mobile App is a software application which was designed for mobile devices including tablets that provide different features. Some mobile apps are free to install and some are sold depending on its advanced features.
Recently, businesses include the software in terms of reaching their customer and showcasing their products and services at the same time, furthermore, after its introduction to the public, it gives more convenience to the users to access the particular products and services through the use of mobiles.
Now, old days have gone when companies used to rely on customers to find them, they are more interested to develop their own mobile app to connect with their target audience. When it comes to the mobile app in Dubai, experts say that a business app has to offer something of value to customers so that they find it interesting to download.
According to mobile app development Dubai experts, apps should provide something more than one-time-use information in order to be successful. Therefore, if you are planning to develop a mobile app for your business, following are few things which must be considered;
Friendly User APP –customers love to download such apps which help them make their daily life issues easier. For example, an app which allows users to order food is more useful than an app which offers information about restaurant operating hours and menu.

Developed by experts– It should be professionally developed by experts. Alwafaa Group Dubai is a professional mobile app development company that can help you in developing an interactive, user-friendly and affordable mobile app and gives you a complete support.

Add a description and be reliable – Content, description, and reviews are very vital in every app as it helps the people decide to download your app according to what they need. It should be in detail and easy to understand. Reviews will help you to gain people’s trust.

so that your audience can easily find you on the app store. Remember, you need to put in those keywords which are searchable so that more and more people can download it.

App test – Testing the app from top to bottom before launching will help you amend errors and become confident in presenting the app.

Develop a marketing strategy – After you have launched your app, people will not recognize it immediately as there are numerous apps are on track already before you. Plan your marketing strategies on how you will reach the right people who will surely download your app.

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