What can help you in standing out in the travels industry?

Travel sector is one of the fast growing and influential industries of all time. Getting a firm hold and remaining unique takes time and hard work. In the present era of internet, there can be many awesome ways travels website design, travels digital marketing ,travels CRM, etc .. to dominate the competition in the travels industry! Let’s look into it:

  1. E commerce website

Owning an E commerce website is the first and foremost step in leaping forward in the travel/ domestic industry. Having a dynamic and simple website can definitely gift you more traffic and reach. Make sure the wordings in your site is positive, catchy and meaningful.  When you are trying to establish an e-commerce website on travel industry, make sure that:

  • The contact details of hotels/ resorts are valid and reachable
  • Give the exact locations
  • Make sure about the offers available and are valid
  • Give full information on the visit, locations and places of interest

Having sufficient content which can make the audience look at it for a while is very important. Keep in mind to have authentic and proper content. One more thing is to have accounts in social media and a connection link from the site. Inculcate the possibility of instant response through a live chat facility on the site. Everyone relies on a consistent design and do make sure yours is one. There should be a proper system maintained to track the visitors and their booking (online booking option should be enabled).

Giving a chance of starting a Mobile App for your site will also help in dominating the industry with such fast access by the customers. Recent studies shows that almost 85% of the international travelers opt for a mobile App than a website. Due to the increased advent of smart phones, all sites are rebuilding themselves to have an App of their own.

  1. SEO the star!

Search Engine Optimization can make your website active and visible in searches. It can give you an extensive opportunity of branding yourself in a more effective manner with your own content. It makes you famous in social media as well. Who doesn’t like an error free site? Social media like Facebook has great potential in taking you to the top level. It helps you connect with your clients and answer queries instantly. You need to make sure you are on the right social media to track your target audience.

  1. SEM

Search Engine marketing has tremendous reach beyond your imagination. The services or facilities under SEM can be very beneficial such as:

  • Paid listing
  • Paid search advertising
  • Pay per click
  • Cost per click
  • Cost per thousand impressions

Google Ad words can definitely make a difference in the outlook of your travel business.

  1. SMM

Social media marketing is the new term of effective and organized marketing. It can help you become famous in very short span of time. Facebook ad campaigns of AED 20 can give you at least 8 to 12 enquiries daily. You can encourage your customers daily by posting images, descriptions and offers related to your business. Focus on the type of audience you need, area and language. According to the selections changes can be made and effective ads can be created.

There are other Social media Apps such as Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn etc. You just need to be tricky with the words and up to date on posting, rest is history!

All these are your 5 gems of shining brighter in travel industry. Get a chance to build your own empire by adopting the new trend!

  1. CRM

Customer Management System makes you run the business properly. Wondering what it is? It is the easiest method to keep track on your customers and update the information instantly. It can help you in keeping:

  • A proper customer database
  • Can give access to various users by giving unique password
  • Constant track on the customers via chats or e-mail
  • There can be information archives
  • It gives an easy analysis of data
  • Easy appointment fixing, contacting people as per schedule and updating information

Give a surprise to your customers by providing relevant and interesting information every time and maintain the loyalty always which brings them back to you for travel booking.

So what are you waiting for?

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