A complete system for managing schools and other educational institutions. It manages administrative control along with standard access to teacher, student and parent for all .

Necessary facilities of complete school management software:

There are four types of users in school management system

1) Admin : In admin, Manage & controls all activities of the school such as admission of student, exam , schedule, marks management, invoice creation etc.

2) Parent : In parent section includes academic details about their children such as class schedule, syllabus, exam marks and have an option to communicate with administrator.

3) Teacher : In teacher section, Manage students and academic activities such as adding student, view/edit student details, study materials, attendance and exam mark management.

4) Student : In student section, Manage school activities such as class routine, syllabus, study material, exam marks and communication with teachers.

Main features of school management software:

  • Multiuser account management.
  • Academic year wise management.
  • Admission of student.
  • Management of student fees.
  • Class and section wise of student management.

  • Academic syllabus.
  • Student promotion to next academic year.
  • Study documents attachment and download.
  • Manage class routine schedules.
  • Create exam and manage marks of all students.

  • Management of library books.
  • Manage transport routes.
  • Manage expense of the school.
  • Daily attendance of students.
  • Internal message between users.

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