Alwafaa group provides property management system to manage their real estate properties, personal property, intellectual property, government or hospitality accommodation.

Property management system consists of 3 main modules

  • Property Management
  • Tenant Management
  • Accounts Management

This module is handling Properties Data, Location, Landlord details, no of units and vacant units separately and it keeps all the property related documents which we can have an expiry notification of the documents. It clearly shows the no of rooms available for rental in each property .

All the tenant details are processed here. We can save each tenant personal details, rental details and Payment Details. We can get tenancy expiry notification and cheque due notification through this system and we can get valid tenancy contracts and receipts with entered tenant’s data dynamically.

All the tenants cheque details are processed here . This module calculates the amount to be paid by the tenant depending on the no of term he chose to pay the rent and it will be automatically calculating the dates also . It keeps tracks of the cheques payment of each tenant .

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