Corys Geosynthetics

At Corys Geosynthetics, we place a high responsibility on producing materials that help to protect the environment and to secure waste containment.For this reason, we maximise our efforts in producing the highest quality materials. We select the ideal raw materials, process them during our strict quality control operation, which ensures we produce Geomembranes fit for the most demanding applications and are able to perform in extreme weather conditions.
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Fares Stores

FARES is established to deliver a wide range of footwear, textiles, and accessories products in classical elegance and modern trends to Emiratis of all ages. By discovering styles and designs that could win the hearts and minds of clients, FARES products lead alongside other respected brands in the market. With the overwhelming satisfaction and performances of each product, this inherited multi-sector businesses have become the leading trusted names and acquired a distinguished competitive advantage among others.

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City Pharmacy

City Pharmacy Co. is the leading medical,consumer products & equipments distributor in the United Arab Emirates. Established in 1967 by Dr.Abdulrahman Almahmeed, City Pharmacy Co. has dedicated itself to the advancement of Pharmaceutical & Health Care services in UAE. Today, City Pharmacy Co. has proved beyond doubt that no other company has the resources, facilities, skills or vision to match the contributions made towards the realization of this goal. Looking to the future, we are confident that we will be instrumental to the continued development of this success.

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Mud Mug Cafe & Restaurant

Mud Mug captures the essence of the evolvements and enhancements in food and eating habits through terracotta offering a holistic experience till the last bite and sip – each time, every time.Hunger comes naturally to all living creatures – plants, animals and human alike. But overtime, human food and eating habits evolved from just a basic need for satiating hunger to a more refined symbol of the numerous traditions, beliefs and even our status.
Mud Mug is that same natural yet refined experience in terracotta (Italian: “baked earth”) that does not stop at just fulfilling hunger; instead it pampers all your five senses to offer a holistic experience and episode of our lives. Mud Mug is an ode to nature’s gift to mankind.

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 Al Fawzan Tyres Trading 

Set up in 1990 on Sharjah Industrial Area 4, under the Umbrella of Al Fawzan Group of Companies, Al Fawzan Tyres Trading was a small tyre retail outlet. Al Fawzan is now a leading tyre distributing and retailing company with a wealth of experience spanning over 28 Years. The company boasts of having 15 fully-fledged tyre centres all across Sharjah.

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Luxury Holiday Photography studio

Luxury Holiday provides professional photography and videography services for all your special occasions, weddings and pre-wedding school or corporate events. We use professional video equipment and software to create captivating video presentations of your most memorable events, whether it is birthdays, weddings, engagements, christenings, school events, portraits, corporate events or product shots.

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Abdullah Al Matroushi Group 

Abdullah Al Matroushi Group is the leading shopping mall, communities, retail, construction and leisure pioneer in United Arab Emirates.A remarkable business success story, Abdullah Al Matroushi Group started from one man’s vision to transform the face of shopping, entertainment, and leisure to create “Great value for everyone”. It has since grown into one of the United Arab Emirates’ most respected and successful businesses.

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Buds Public School

It is a renowned educational institution operating in Dubai, UAE for over 30 years. We are an inclusive, co-educational, English medium day school following the Indian CBSE curriculum serving various communities and catering to students in the age group of 4 years to 18+ (KG to Grade 12). The t pedagogic practices are aligned to 21st century teaching and learning. Our students are trained to proficient in learning skills such as analysis, problem solving, synthesis, data handling, creative and collaborative skills. Our graduating students are been accepted by some of the most prestigious universities and colleges around the world.
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Imperial Bay Beach and Golf Residence

Imperial Bay Beach and Golf Residence is the closest to perfection you will find on the beautiful island of St Kitts.It is nestled in the quiet, serene and beautiful Half Moon Bay area with the islands most gorgeous beaches only a short distance away.Built on a natural rise the apartments have enviable panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, The prestigious and world-renowned Royal St Kitts Golf course with beautiful meandering hills as a backdrop.Imperial Bay Beach and Golf Residence offer brand new fully furnished apartments with twenty-four-hour surveillance and security guard service,  The community is located in a very quiet, serene, neighbourhood surrounded by nature and natural beauty.
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Bin Drai Enterprises

Founded by HE Humaid Bin Drai over 40 years ago, Bin Drai Enterprises was at the outset intended to be a family business. Today, as we are entering our second generation of succession, it has grown into a successful Family Office with international investments proudly headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As the Chairman and founder of our company, Humaid’s personable approach and expertise are still very much felt across all facets of the business. His long-established network of connections, both social and professional, form an integral part of the company’s ongoing success. Both within this network and the community at large, Humaid is well recognised for his continued commitment to social responsibility as well as a number of charities.
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