JAMS HR Solutions

JAMS HR Solutions is a leader in the UAE for managed HR solutions. We believe that matching the right people to the right jobs can transform people’s lives as well as the organisations in which they work. Our suite of HR outsourcing services help companies run their business with ease and efficiency.

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Al Ghwasa

Al Ghwasa Technical Equipment Trading LLC is a comprehensive end-to-end supplier & service provider of marine & industrial automation, instrumentation, and safety solutions. Established in 1990 in Dubai – U.A.E, Al Ghwasa has developed a solid reputation throughout the region and worldwide as a key player working to shape the various industry segments, establishing a reliable brand presence amongst a truly global client portfolio.

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Maestro Events

Founded in 2010 as a distinguished events management company, Maestro Events is the brainchild of Steve Roland D’Mello, duly authorized by the Department of Economic Development (Dubai, UAE). We offer comprehensive, turn-key events management solutions to both corporate and private clients by conceptualizing their requirements and integrating them with our ideas, thereby providing a memorable experience.

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Onsite battery

The onsite battery provides the best on-site assistance to any vehicles with the advanced means of technical force and supplies. We deliver the smoothest and timely services at a competitive rate in the UAE market. The immediate and vigilant response from our rapid team will assist the client in an average time of 30-45 minutes across roads anywhere in UAE. With the most modern machine, tools and amenities, our experienced mechanical panel are specialized in battery replacement, battery boosting, flat tire servicing, towing service, fuel delivery and battery diagnosis.

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Queens Medical Center

Queens Medical Center is a tested and trusted healthcare and beauty provider in Dubai. We are committed to providing open, suitable, and complete care pathways for every individual. Our state-of-the-art medical center specializes in Dentistry, Dermatology, Facials, Laser Hair Removal and General Medicine.


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One Consultant

One consultant envisions to be the partner of choice for the Spa, Beauty & Well-being industry by offering the most comprehensive range of consultancy services.

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Corys Geosynthetics

At Corys Geosynthetics, we place a high responsibility on producing materials that help to protect the environment and to secure waste containment.For this reason, we maximise our efforts in producing the highest quality materials. We select the ideal raw materials, process them during our strict quality control operation, which ensures we produce Geomembranes fit for the most demanding applications and are able to perform in extreme weather conditions.
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Fares Stores

FARES is established to deliver a wide range of footwear, textiles, and accessories products in classical elegance and modern trends to Emiratis of all ages. By discovering styles and designs that could win the hearts and minds of clients, FARES products lead alongside other respected brands in the market. With the overwhelming satisfaction and performances of each product, this inherited multi-sector businesses have become the leading trusted names and acquired a distinguished competitive advantage among others.

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City Pharmacy

City Pharmacy Co. is the leading medical,consumer products & equipments distributor in the United Arab Emirates. Established in 1967 by Dr.Abdulrahman Almahmeed, City Pharmacy Co. has dedicated itself to the advancement of Pharmaceutical & Health Care services in UAE. Today, City Pharmacy Co. has proved beyond doubt that no other company has the resources, facilities, skills or vision to match the contributions made towards the realization of this goal. Looking to the future, we are confident that we will be instrumental to the continued development of this success.

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Mud Mug Cafe & Restaurant

Mud Mug captures the essence of the evolvements and enhancements in food and eating habits through terracotta offering a holistic experience till the last bite and sip – each time, every time.Hunger comes naturally to all living creatures – plants, animals and human alike. But overtime, human food and eating habits evolved from just a basic need for satiating hunger to a more refined symbol of the numerous traditions, beliefs and even our status.
Mud Mug is that same natural yet refined experience in terracotta (Italian: “baked earth”) that does not stop at just fulfilling hunger; instead it pampers all your five senses to offer a holistic experience and episode of our lives. Mud Mug is an ode to nature’s gift to mankind.

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