Iftar and Family Meet 2019

Monday, 17 June 2019 by

Ever since  Alwafaa Group was established, It was always been a “family first & work next!” And we are a FAMILY!! Inspired by the dedication of the employees, Alwafaa Group have organized a Grand Iftar Party and Family Meet 2019 together at the Calicut Notebook, Near Stadium Metro Station, Dubai, UAE. The function has begun with the

Facebook is rolling out a new Tributes section and changed how loved ones can access profiles of the deceased  Source: https://newsroom.fb.com Facebook has recently introduced separate Tributes section on a memorialized  profile where family and friends can share memories about the person in their remembrance all while preserving the original timeline of their loved one. The platform

SAN FRANCISCO: What might occur if Facebook and rest of its applications —, for example, Instagram and WhatsApp — were to all go down at the same time? And after that stay out for a longtime? On Wednesday, individuals around the globe discovered when each of the three platforms experienced intrusions for the duration of

  Yes finally it’s a weekend & Love is in the air. Alwafaa Team spent the Valentine’s Day with a fun filled program hosted by the Digital Marketing Department with the energetic coordinators; Mr. Ajmal & Ms. Riya themed Valentine’s Beat. Though the program lasted for an hour, games are well played by the team