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Al Wafaa Group provides the ERP software solutions for different departments such as manufacturing, distribution, services, retail and hospitality. Hosted solutions are available in ERP, Cloud-based ERP solutions are also available from alwafaa group which are meant for small scale industries that provide scalability and flexibility to enable them to meet today's business challenges.

We are Alwafaa Group, a Dubai based Software Company, provide a fully integrated Mini ERP solution to help in managing the customers, vendors & stock to increase business growth of SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) to efficiently manage their Sales, Operations, Inventory, and Purchase & Dispatch.

Mini ERP , Enterprise resource planning (ERP), is a software which enables an enterprise to manage its business activities. It helps the management to keep digital record of all the information associated with their business in a core Database management system. For example, accounting, Product information, client’s information, employees, etc. and this collected information can be used for generating reports of any kind of sales report and accounts reports. It is a collection of business systems which includes all the business activities of an enterprise.

Main features of mini ERP Software:

  • Marketing
  • Human Resource Management

  • Clients Management
  • Project Management

  • Finance Management
  • Warehouse Management

Marketing is a key module in an ERP system. Steps of marketing module differ for each business firm from enquiry to delivery of the finished products. Handling huge number of data regarding the business in excel is only gathering huge information, but with ERP we can actually process this information and get useful reports. And it is really easy to use(User Friendly) .

Marketing team can keep track of the enquiries which are already processed, which are pending and which enquiries are under process and get all data related to that enquires take necessary action and corresponding reports are just a click away .

Main intention of ERP is to reduce human work to process data. In human resource management, accuracy and precision is most desired than human error. Handling Attendance and Payroll Management is made easier with ERP which takes attendance data and calculates salary .

In Business Enterprises’, clients data needs to be in top priority list. ERP system enables management to keep all client details in an orderly manner so that it can be used for any processing like preparing Invoices, Delivery Notes, Sales Orders etc. All clients will get a unique ID automatically for identification and all data can be fetched whenever it is needed.

Project management module can handle any type of data related to project management. It gets information about projects location, project design details, designer and project manager details, quotation details, and makes all types of required reports for a project. It can compare values with different quotation; ERP can make use of any type of data to create N number of possible reports.

This module can keep track of all the transactions, create invoices, receipts and generates financial reports. It will be showing all the trial balance details with credit and debit separately and management can get accurate auditable reports easily.

Warehouse management is all about inventory control and delivery of goods on time .And delay in delivery of products may be dues to communication errors or documentation error. This can be avoided with this ERP module where all the data is clearly entered and process of delivery won’t be happening unless all the data is correct or verified. And Keeping correct record of data in inventory makes the system to works perfectly.

Simplify your business with a one solution. Integrate and centrally store supply chain, sales and marketing, procurement and services information.

Today's businesses operate in an environment of constant and high-speed change where the ability to adapt quickly and effectively has become essential for success. Management judgments assume critical importance as customers develop ever higher expectations of competitive price, improved delivery, excellent quality and exceptional performance.

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