Drupal is the number one platform for the web content management system. It is Flexible and highly scalable. It is an open source CMS (Content Management System) which used to build websites, blogs, eCommerce etc. Right from personal blogs to the complete web portals are built on Drupal.

Al Wafaa Group offers the services using Drupal to build small and medium web sites to enterprise web sites as per the customer requirements. Experts in Al Wafaa Group will customize the Drupal open source web sites to the customer requirements and will train the customers to manage, maintain and update the Drupal web sites.

Features of Drupal Website:

  • Highly Scalable

  • Mobile-First

  • Integrated Digital Applications

  • Security

  • Easy Content Authoring

  • Flexible Content Architecture

  • Multisite

  • Multilingual

  • Tools for Business, with No Limitations

  • Strong Stack Foundation

  • Community of Talent and Experience

  • Content as a Service

If you are looking for specialized Drupal web sites or your current Drupal website needs to be maintained, Al Wafaa Group will be your right choice

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