Customer Relationship Management is a platform between companies and customers to increase their profit.

We provide a solution for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) which can be used to reduce the cost and enhance profitability and productivity by automating the business process which in turn gives the highest customer satisfaction, and loyalty in sales, marketing and even in customer support.

Al Wafaa CRM software are used to monitor, track and evaluate different campaigns through different channels, such as emails, search, Social media, telephone calls, direct mails, door to door marketing etc. CRM software tracks the complete process and responses, which leads to the sales and thereby improve the profitability and company growth. Using Our system any customer request can be routed through a to create, assign and manage their requests from time to time.

Features of CRM Software :

  • Flexible data security and permissions
  • Product tracking and support
  • Manage accounts and invoice

  • Hardware checking regularly
  • External application integration

  • Analyze the data and record
  • Business Automation process

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