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7 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2022

Digital trends and opportunities are growing every year. As we approach another year from a pandemic-driven business environment, the takeaways are being the cause for further strategies. The boom in e-commerce and shift in shopping culture had suggested enormous demands to digital marketers. Here is a sneak peek at the 7 digital marketing strategies for the year 2022.

Digital Marketers are ready to accommodate their clients with the best strategies that could make the Year of 2022’s business better. Technology innovations are the major drivers of any trends in digital marketing. Along with the trends of social marketing and e-commerce in the year 2021, This year marketers are likely to accommodate the current switches and trends in the industry with strategic approaches that could engage and convert the audience with the strategies of-

1. Privacy- the priority
A recent survey revealed that 73% of individuals go for online services promising high data protection, like encrypted emails and privacy-protecting search engines. This is a red alert for digital marketers to understand the value proposition of data collection to reassure consumers about privacy and understand what is valued most.

In 2022, digital marketers need to focus on building a data protection strategy that is customer-first. That means rethinking methods for measuring and reaching audiences, so people feel in control and able to manage the data they share.

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2. Shopping induced content

Over the past two years, the global market is witnessing a huge shift towards virtual shoppers. Today, individuals’ shopping goals are mostly getting fulfilled over virtual platforms. The continual growth of e-commerce has created a requisite of contents that could induce shopping by users.

In 2022. Digital marketers will concentrate their entire efforts in crafting shoppable content, such as customers can get directed towards the buying of a product, wherein he/she is exposed to a post. In turn, digital marketing via posts, videos, or any sort will be having shoppable content.

3. Social commerce

Social commerce was a budding concept for many years. But the pandemic will continue to grow. A survey done by North American e-commerce agency Absolunet identified that 87% of e-commerce shoppers believe social media helps them to land shopping decisions.

In 2022, there is no better way to meet customers than in a place where they are likely to be found most of the time. Within social media, targeting the customers are easy and cost-effective. So this year, digital marketers will make the best use of all commercial features of the leading social platforms.

4. Reach over relevance

It can be difficult for the brand to be recognized with irrelevant content/experience during the purchase journey of consumers. To add more advantages, or to stand out in the year 2022, brands should be more focused on communicating their value and authentic purpose. Sharing messages and experiences that are true to the brand and relevant to people, reflecting their needs. In this context, relevance is as important as reach.

By leaning into brand purpose and expressing value in a way that is authentic and consistent, brands can connect meaningfully with audiences and drive business results. In every engagement with consumers, the focus should not be only reached, instead reach with relevance will attract potential buyers across all touchpoints.

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5. Sustainable solutions

Sustainability is more important today than it was before the pandemic. And people expect brands to lead the way in making sustainability more manageable in everyday life. Individuals consider so many things when making a purchase that they do not want any further level of research on the subject of sustainability.

Brands can simplify this process by incorporating sustainability benefits into the choices people are already making. Marketers can also show people how a company solves everyday sustainability issues such as It’s time to standardize sustainable solutions. Digital marketing trends in 2022 include marketing approaches based on sustainable solutions like eco-friendly, go green titled initiatives offered by customers.

6. Social Integration

Meeting clients at the place where they are, is the trend running in marketing. And today, all of them are online. Social media integrations of websites and applications were trending in 2021, and this year as well the trend will grow more.

In 2022, digital marketers can make use of user engagement retention through social platforms. With successful social integrations, digital experts offer clients with the social networks support direct and group messaging, which could lead to user conversion.

7. AI for more engaging communications

Customer management at best is possible this year with Artificial Intelligence. With AI human interventions are getting replaced to a large extent. Voice recognition, visual perception, translation, communication, etc. are widely used disciplines, where the transition to AI is possible.

A recent survey revealed that by the end of 2022, at least 40% of the digital transformation services will enable AI. Successful communication is a probe to attain more leads and conversion for businesses. This year digital marketers will follow AI tools and technologies like ChatBots that could contribute to effective and engaging communications with customers.

Digital Marketing dubai

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6 Powerful Benefits Of PPC Advertising For Small Businesses In Dubai

Bringing customers to a business is the prime target of any marketing intervention, and digital marketing is all about collating target customers on to the right track, where the business is anticipating to perform. From brand awareness to user conversions- the most useful approaches are all from digital platforms. Pay Per Click is one of the strongest marketing tools to build brand awareness, generate an audience, earn affiliates, and do all that a business is looking for in the way of profitability. This article is all about the 6 powerful benefits of PPC marketing.

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click is one of the most effective advertisement tools to generate web traffic at less cost. Irrespective of the size of the firm, this digital marketing tool helps organizations to get done with a minimal budget for promotional activities. PPC advertisements work in alignment with search engine optimization. They will perform the function in modes of pop-up ads, banners, etc. With PPC advertising, the client has to pay only if the advert is clicked, and doesn’t require to pay a whole amount.

Benefits of PPC

Approaching a professional PPC advertising company Dubai can benefit the organizations with greater traffic and increased revenue. Here are the 6 powerful benefits of PPC.

1. Immediate Result

When it is about investment, businesses may not have enough patience to wait for the result. As pay-per-click advertisements pave ways to effective communication, they will provide the client with the fastest result by targeting the right audience at the right time. Let it be an advert on sales, discounts, promotion, or anything that the firm seeks to communicate with the target audience, PPC helps B2B and B2C clients in a greater way through quality traffic and plenty of conversions. Quick result generation always helps clients to evaluate the success of the strategy they have adopted and help land with suitable interventions.

2. Real-Time Audience targeting

Compared with traditional adverts, PPC stands ahead with its major benefit of targeting the right group of customers. As the advert gets in the search list of customers looking for it, ads show only to the one searching with relevant keywords. Thus every click on the advertisement can be counted as the reach to the real target, and the probability of user conversion is higher as well. This benefit of Pay per click advertising is highly beneficial to businesses with local market operations, where customers coming through adverts are likely to approach business.

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3. Higher Return on Investment

In the era, where customers are found online most of the time, using social platforms to a greater extend, devising a promotional method like PPC will help the business to mend maximum return in minimal investment. As Pay Per Click advertisement allows business to extend reach to the right group of customers, achieving marketing goals never turn strenuous. PPC advertising is considered as the strongest tool used to generate website traffic, thereby more user conversion that could promise more sales. Also, PPC advertising help businesses too, move ahead with the integration of other digital marketing interventions like making use of popular social platforms where they could generate more traffic.

4. Measurable & Controllable

Having strategies and interventions in business is common, whereas one which is not measurable or controllable is uncommon with loads of inconveniences that may even cause the decline or closure of the business. With a minimal budget, PPC advertising enables the firm to have a completely measurable and controllable marketing strategy. As the advert gets clicked by only relevant potential customers, the performance of the marketing strategy is measurable in real-time with more accuracy. Also, as the PPC adverts are designed only for the target audience with keywords, a control on audience reach is possible. In addition to this, the major benefit of PPC advertising is cost control, as the firm has to pay per click only.

ppc advertising company dubai

5. Higher Rate of Web Traffic

The organic ranking rate is a reliable source to assess the success of an investment. PPC advertising pulls in traffic for the business at a greater pace. Usually paid advertisements do not directly contribute to organic ranking, whereas PPC does the job as the adverts are likely to be clicked by users who are interested/needed for the same. Also, as the adverts are placed in integration with SEO’s visibility of the same get concentrated to target audience only, making the rate of web traffic, more in number.

6. Economical and Reliable

Having an economical and reliable means of advertisement is the dream of every business, as it takes them in the way of profitability. PPC helps businesses of any size to come up with advanced marketing on a minimal budget. With precise targeting PPC’s ensure wider traffic and, maximal user conversion along all the social platforms used. As it generates real-time reviews and can be done with minimal resources including time and the amount to be spent, they are highly recommended as an economical and reliable advertisement to target customers.

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How will Digital Marketing change in the future?

Technology is driving businesses ahead from the current point every day. Irrespective of the size and industry of business, the change in environment appeals for an inevitable transformation in all parameters that could make a difference in business goals.

Pandemic-driven 2021, is no more open to negativity. All are set well to adapt and proceed in new normalcy, in turn, new work or organizational culture. The business landscape transformation has created more demand for every business serving businesses as well. Any bit that would take customers to trends of the market is being utilized by marketers working on digital marketing.

Digital marketing in 2021

Bridging the gap between provider and customer is the prime goal of marketing, so as in a digital era- digital marketers find the best place to create these bridges!!

The expeditious market environment built by technology, trend, customer behaviors, and unique marketing strategies is defining new pave to digital marketers. From traditional marketing concepts, now we are in the era, where websites and applications are advertising themselves for businesses. In 2021, digital marketers will keep the rapport of clients via stunning strategies and techniques that could appeal well to the product in the market.

Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

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    Social Shopping
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    Social adverts
  • Top social media agency dubai
    Personalized marketing
  • mobile app development dubai
    Extra mile to privacy
Digital Marketing
1.Social Shopping

From 2019 to 2020, social media accounted for a transition from 19% to 25% on the marketing budget, a clear indication of the preferences of marketers. This 2021, marketers are ambiguous about the same, where more targets can be discovered via social platforms. While dealing with customers online, it’s ideal to be there where they are seen more. E-commerce solutions were on boom amid the pandemic forced market crisis. On the other hand, the lockdowns and work from home are complimenting more online presence. Integration to social shopping will never be an experiment rather it would turn as an on-time attempt for marketers as the following trend is usually to compliment business as an advanced one!

2.Social Adverts

The booming short video is the appeal of 2021 for digital marketing. While keeping on entertainment, adverts as shorts will pursue function as it won’t consume more time. The more screen time on social platforms by customers enables this as a trending tool for digital marketing. TikTok, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, and other similar features of popular social platforms are being the trendsetters for adverts launch as short videos. Thus deceptively simple and short videos that could pursue branding in the market are the new normal of video advertisement and the 2021 trend of digital marketing to incorporate social media into e-commerce platforms.

3.Personalized Marketing

Engaging customers are the key to hold business on its pace. Personalized marketing has been on trend for few years, but 2021 is witnessing more creativity and exclusivity bound in safety. AI integrated digital marketing and target customer-based adverts and campaigns will pursue the function in an advanced way. Customers are refraining from bulk mail marketing messages by unsubscribing or not following, and started preferring personalized marketing attempts from the businesses they are looking for a transaction. So from content marketing to product or service route, customers of 2021 are expecting a more personalized touch.

4.Extra mile to Privacy

Data privacy is always a concern for customers, while they are online for any business transactions. With tremendous scope and popularity on social and e-commerce shopping, the worry on personal security always counts in light. Digital marketing in future is promising more with added security interventions and technology offering enhanced security and privacy to customers.

Get in touch with the Pioneers of Digital Marketing Dubai 

Being into business in Dubai is a great honor for opportunities. However, exploring them may not be feasible for all. It’s time to go beyond this day! Expand your business with the trends of digital marketing Dubai!!

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Digital Marketing Dubai

Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies Helps to Grow Your Business

There is no shortcut for growing your business, rather the best route can become your shortcut to attain excellence in the market.

Digital Marketing is the modern tool to have wide coverage and popularity for businesses in the market. The continuous digital innovations and creativity is a blessing to businesses seeking to frame unique know-how, they are ambitious about.

Choosing among the numerous roads that take to a destination seems to be tedious and strenuous whereas identifying and moving along with the right one will bring the fruit. There are many marketing efforts titled under digital marketing. Making choices with an end goal in mind, rather than wasting energy with random, ad hoc ideas is what the current market says- Strategic!!

  • web hosting dubai
    Strong Digital presence
  • web hosting dubai
    Know your Audience
  • web hosting dubai
    Nurture business along with trends
  • web hosting dubai
    Cost Control
  • web hosting dubai
    Strong Analytics

1.Know your Audience

Digital Marketing brings the best know-how to your Audience

Perfect knowledge or understanding of target customers is counted as the very first step that could help you to choose the type of digital marketing that will increase reach what exactly the business is looking for. This understanding will help the business to fine-tune their marketing efforts to a line where customers are awaiting and extend information on limitations and challenges to reach them.

Once you know your customer, then it’s easy to go where the customers with the right medium. Digital marketing paves tremendous opportunities for customer reach through websites, social media and, many more digital tactics. This know-how on what, when, where, and how the customers will buy, etc., works on setting the right type of market intervention measures for your business.

2. Strong Digital Presence

Digital Marketing creates a strong digital presence

Establishing a strong digital presence is inevitable in this era of digital business. Digital marketing experts craft the best presence for business clients, with which they could grow more powerful and establish identity and popularity in the market.

Digital presence is not a great deal when you are with the right developers and digital marketing experts.

With highly responsive website designs, social media engagement, search engine optimized content a strategy of having a strong and solid digital presence will leverage maximum visibility. And via improved search engine rankings this strategy of optimized content will strengthen online presence to achieve business excellence.

3. Nurture business along with trends

Digital Marketing move your business along the trends

Business’ goal to grow audience can be realized at best with digital marketing techniques that align the trends of the market. The science of customers around the modern trends is the key strategy for businesses, where they could incorporate appropriate digital marketing interventions. The success of hashtags, following clients through strong social media follow-ups, and creating contents coupling with trends and preferences of the audience, etc., will improve visibility and reach.

The strategy of nurturing your business along with the trends is a key to success if you utilize the right digital marketing tool. With a strong and deep-rooted social media presence, updated blogs/vlogs, campaigns, and all, digital marketing always opens much more opportunities for your business to grow and conquer the market.


Digital Marketing cut down your marketing cost

Is Budget a concern on your dream of business growth??
May you own a small, medium, or a large business, Digital marketing always allow you to choose in between the flexible opportunities to reach the market. With the modern technology of digital marketing interventions, businesses get the choice to decide cost control strategy. No matter, you got less in the budget- Digital marketing experts will take you through the best way that could fit your business and assure guaranteed returns.

Digital marketing for your business can be controlled over cost, however, the client wishes to do. Professional digital marketers will always help clients to execute the cost control strategy by choosing the most effective and efficient type of platform and method to reach the audience.


Digital Marketing is Measurable and Attainable

Analytics from your existing website, email marketing platform, social accounts of the customers, Surveys and feedback forms, etc., can help businesses with deep insight regarding the customers, business goals, challenges ahead, and how your business fits into the market.

Choosing Digital Marketing variables that could provide specific and measurable returns in a time-bound manner can always be the best strategy to grow your business. Choosing the most relevant analytics tools in the market will help your business to gain precise reports and responses. This in turn can finalize the success of your strategy of digital marketing, which could lead the business to earn attainable results as per vision. Also, provided that switch from one mode to another as per analytics is easy as digital marketing offers numerous ways to market the goals of businesses.

No matter the strategy or choice Businesses make to reach goals- The best reach to the customer is the sole purpose of every business operation around. In the modern context of the digital era, out of every possible means to conquer the market, effective and efficient strategies will do the magic of business success.

To know and choose the best digital marketing strategy that could take your business to next level, click here.

Top 3 Essential Elements in Digital Marketing

Each and every day, the trends in Digital marketing is changing and getting new ways in which we can find a better solution to market your business. To start a new company or to promote your business brand, digital marketing is now a lifesaver for you. Smaller companies who offer wonderful customer service or great products, we can potentially gain more leads to your business through Digital Marketing.

The approach to social media apps are changing and most of the companies are communicating with the service by Digital Marketing in Dubai. The foundations of content marketing, social media, SEO, PPC campaigns will never change. But we are entering a new era, where other forms of marketing are becoming just as important. There are many ways you can introduce your service to the digital marketing world.

Search Engine Marketing(SEM) is one of the best ways to get more leads with a short time. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is another way to get leads in an organic way and in another hand, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is mainly focused to improve brand awareness and to engage customers in your business. And we, Alwafaa Group know how well to do it and to manage it. That’s why we became the best Digital Marketing agency in Dubai and more than 3000+ clients trusted in us. For more details, check out the video.



We are all evolving through the world of technologies, innovations and up gradations. Are you actually aware of the impact of digital marketing? Are you still stuck up with the traditional way of establishing yourself? Haven’t you thought about getting famous through the new media? There is only one answer to all these questions; pull up your sleeves and get in touch with the digital marketing.

The recent trend for getting deep rooted business establishment via digital marketing has influenced people in various fields. Some of the features have to be taken care before stepping into the stream of digital marketing. Some of them are:

digital marketing

Make sure it is mobile friendly

Almost 90% of the clients are using mobile phones for their daily transactions. So when we focus on promoting our site or business through the new media, it has to work with ease in mobile phones and tablets. This increases the site traffic and people gets to know about you more.

Make it organic

No! Not that organic food! It is about bringing your site up front in web searches by optimizing it. This helps the search engines to find your business firm or website easily and can connect to the user who checks for related items. SEO and SMM will definitely increase the website visibility.

Let’s market the content!

It is one the most effective factors in digital marketing. Getting linked with a blog can provide the visitors with fresh and relevant information. This can actually encourage the visitor and indirectly influence them to visit our site.

Make it social

Social Media Marketing is one of the hit lists of new media marketing. It makes sure your branding among your competitors. It shares the updated information about your company and distributes the products and services in an easier manner. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked in etc. helps you reach in top priorities if you are clever enough to grab the opportunity.

So you must have got an idea about what it is all about. Last but not the least, make sure that important ingredients are already in your hand to make the magic. Wondering what they are? It’s not that difficult!

Just make sure that your website is flexible and reliable and it has an updated blog, refreshing and proper guide lines to the visitors, building up trust and getting a steady stream of customers through regular posting in social media and YouTube, engage your viewers who are interested in your site and always give something extra, make up a cool social face for your brand to develop relationship with your clients and well-wishers, there should be a track for your viewers number and site traffic, and at last try to encourage e mail marketing to make sure you are genuine and trust worthy. That’s all and try this new trend, if you haven’t done it so far! Don’t we need to be upfront in this techie world?

Why SMEs should take digital marketing seriously???

In today’s digital era, having an online presence for a business is a critical requirement. If you are not online, you do not exist. However, a lot of enterprises and business owners today still feel that they do not need to know about digital marketing. If you belong to the strata that are popularly known as Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s), and if you really want to exist, let alone succeed and grow, you need people to know about you.

You also need people to become aware of the services and products that you have to offer – and how these offerings can help them improve their life. While age-old methods of advertising on billboards, newspapers, and TV are still available, if you wish your name to spread like wildfire, the only way out is going online.

Marshall Goldsmith says, “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.” In other words, if you do not change the steps for doing something, you will keep getting the same results. Although the business practices you followed helped you reach the stage you are at, if you really want to grow your organization, you need to try a different approach. It is critical for you to understand that today people use services such as Just Dial – or simply Google – on their mobile phones a lot more than they pick up the voluminous, not-updated since ages copy of Yellow pages. This means that if you are not visible online, you will lose out.

Creating an elaborate, complex website requires time, effort and money. To create an online presence, it is suggested to first buy a domain using a service as Go Daddy and create a simple website page, and link it to all services that promote your businesses.

With the eCommerce boom, the online nature of conducting business, and online marketing to support them, even small business owners are gearing up to make their own space in the market. That said, sadly, many small business owners feel, “Online marketing does not work for me because my customers are not online.”

This is far from the truth. In fact, it is actually the opposite.

Once you have a strong online presence, you will gain new online, or in-person, consumers. With the massive presence of Google and Facebook, even if you use them for promoting your goods and services in the local region, you can reach a large number of potential buyers online – quickly.

This becomes all the more critical if you happen to run a retail store. If you are happy being the “neighborhood kirana” store, it does not matter. But, if you want to become a bigger store with a brand recall value and grow in size, you do not really have much of a choice.

There is – and should be – no iota of doubt that you need to know, and do something, about implementing digital marketing practices to beat your competition.
Getting a website has almost become fashionable these days. And it is a good thing. However, for businesses, it is not enough to just build a site and leave it at that. What is required is to market it digitally in a way that the search engine of the site is optimized, and the customers are able to interact and transact with you easily.

Though a few – a minuscule few – have started to take cognizance of the need and importance of digital marketing, a huge chunk of “traditional” business owners still are focused on making money and minimizing expenditures. They do not have the time, resources, or energy for such things as digital marketing.

Of course, I am not denying that making money and minimizing expenditures is something that should not be focused on. No one can. However, it is a well known fact that the more you invest, the more returns you can generate. Even the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 9:6-7, “Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.” To reap bigger and better ROI, first you need to identify, and invest properly in something that will help you inch closer to those returns.

You may say – “OK, I get it. So I need an online presence, and I also need digital marketing. How can Digital Marketing help me grow my business?”
Well, here are a few benefits:

Most importantly – it will help you and your business to exist and survive – Online! It helps you compete on the same level as other SMEs with both of you being online. It saves costs as online content lasts a whole lot longer than newspaper or hoardings.
With savings going uphill, you end up generating better profits. It helps you avoid the expenses to be made towards middlemen. It creates a brand for your services, leading to a rise in your reputation.

Aided with continuation of better services, it helps you earn more trust. It will prepare you for the favorable onslaught of the Internet of Things that is right around the corner
It provides a better connect with the consumers. This includes customers who have now started using smart phones for searching and shopping for goods and services.

With changing expectations of customers and – more importantly – your competitors too going online, it’s time you rethink your business and organizational strategies.

Do you still want to be the local small business owner who says “I do not need online marketing”? Think again.


5 Must-Know factors affecting Google Ranking Rules in 2017

Google is continually updating their search algorithm and ranking criteria. The small scale- medium  business gets hit by the major algorithmic changes that have had the biggest impact on search. The layout itself of Google’s search pages (SERPs) has had  transformations since the beginning of 2016- like, four Adwords results at the top of the search results page instead of being displayed in the right-hand side of the page; the  searches matching the page title are no longer bold and featured snippets have been added.

Alwafaa Group, Dubai believes there is a better way to do digital marketing by closely watching the latest trends and google updates using the latest technologies and metrics.

In 2017 we can expect more changes. Google already confirmed new mobile-first index. This means Google will create and rank its search listings based on the mobile version of content, even for listings that are shown to desktop users. Also, your search ranking will be affected if annoying adverts are popping up whilst you are waiting for a website to load.

Many other factors also affect to rank highly in the Google SERPs. Some important tips to increase your organic traffic in 2017  are listed below:

  1. Page Loading Speed


People expect your website to load instantly, slow page speed can affect the organic traffic adversely as no one has the patience to wait for more than 3-5 seconds while your page is loading. A survey by Kissmetrics revealed that 40% of website shoppers will leave a website that takes more than three seconds to load; so, if your website doesn’t load quickly enough, then you’ll miss many potential customers as they head off to your competitors. If your website is not having sufficient page speed, it’s time to get it fixed.   Gary Illyes from Google said that page speed of your mobile pages are very important when it comes to the google’s mobile-friendly algorithm.

think with google

The  Google Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) project helps publishers enable their pages to load quicker on mobile devices.

  1. Local results

Local results are now prominent in Google search and will only increase going into 2017. Nowadays people use the search engine on their mobile than desktop these days and that nearly one-third of all mobile searches are GPS activated.

This means it’s more important than ever for your business to have Google My Business set up so that you can appear in local searches.

Even if you have international level business, but have local offices, customers will be searching for these, so it’s important to have them separated out and indexed correctly too.



  1. Featured Snippets


Google has started displaying more featured snippets for search queries nowadays with an increased number of search marketers learning how to get their sites featured.

The featured snippets appear above the organic results with a link to the source, as a matter of fact, it’s better to have a featured snippet than having the number one result for that search query.

From our experience, in order to get a featured snippet, you have to be on the first page of the search result and should have rich content relevant to the user search query.


  1. Google to crack down on pop-ups

Google is about to release a change in algorithm to its mobile search results that penalizes websites using pop-ups.

Popups are very annoying when we open a website. They used to open up a plethora of windows on your desktop, but these days this type is mostly stopped by browser itself. So Google is making a call that websites that use pop-ups and interstitials are worse search results and may rank them lower because of it


  1. Content

To rank well and get organic traffic from Google, you will need quality content on your site. Keyword stuffing will no longer work. Ever since the Google Penguin update on October 2016, as per Google’s Webmaster Central Blog  “signals include things like the specific words that appear on websites, the freshness of content, your region and PageRank.” And this Penguin update made page changes in real time.




As well as letting us know what quality content is, Google clearly tells us to avoid the following content-related tricks:

Automatic content generation

Getting backlinks from spam sites

Creating pages with little or no original content


Sneaky redirects

Hidden text or links

Doorway pages

Scraped content

Participating in affiliate programs without adding sufficient value

Loading pages with irrelevant keywords

Creating pages with malicious behavior, such as phishing or installing viruses, trojans, or other badware

Abusing rich snippets mark-up

Sending automated queries to Google

In their guidelines, Google makes it clear that they will take manual action against your site if it does not comply with its guidelines.


If you would like your website reviewed in 2017 to ensure you continue to rank well despite these changes, contact Alwafaa Group for a FREE website health check.

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