Alwafaa Group offering Cargo Management System to track the cargo movement between different sectors or ports through sea, air, and locally. This will reduce the paper work by the user. It is very easy to take the back up and saved very safely in the database. This is a very user friendly system and can easily store the datas.

Customer can easily access the cargo related information through this system. It can reduce the maintenance of multiple registers and manual calculations.

The key features of Cargo Management System Project are :

User-friendly : It is very user friendly and can access anywhere in the world. No need to visit the cargo office to inquire about the features.

Security : It is completely password protected and only authorized users and admin can control the data in the system.

Flexible : The system has been developed in such a way including new modules and features.

Reliability : This system works through computer and internet. It has higher performance and reliability.

The main modules of cargo management system :

Customer database : This module store the customer details and it can be accessed anywhere.

Transaction database : This module store the transaction details and details of goods to be delivered.

Billing : This module includes the billing and overall financial calculations.

Inquiry : Through this module, customer can search various information like number of items to be delivered, customer name etc.

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