What is #hashtag? It is a word or a phrase use to identify a message on a specific topic that comes before a hash sign. If promoted by enough individuals, can “trend” and attract more individual users to the discussion.  When hashtag started? #hashtag started way back in 23rd of August 2007 first used in

Facebook – the rad dad for social platforms plans to integrate the supreme social media like Instagram, WhatsApp, messenger messaging platform to one. Later in the last night, Facebook discloses the long term plan to Newyork Times and to BBC, The personalized makeover of Facebook will be a great mark in the social media messaging

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting

Monday, 13 August 2018 by

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting ? Customer experience matters the most especially when it is related to the business and performance. Website, web emails, G suites, Google Apps and etc. are being used in a daily work routines and considered as frontline of every business, hence technical issues will be there and we

The Benefits of Super CRM

Monday, 30 July 2018 by

In our fast-paced world today we are faced with the challenge of standing-out in front of our competitors. We focus so heavily on our product, our services and other details that we sometimes sideline the importance of maintaining customer relationships. Or we often face the challenge in efficiently communicating with a vast number of patrons.