Pros and Cons of Flutter App Development

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With the widespread, use of mini screen devices, soft wares for operational and performance functions of small devices are put in high demand. Generally, Apples’ iOS and Google’s Android are the two main operating systems mostly found along with small gadgets. Usually, developers create both versions of mobile app development via native app development, such that they can satisfy the clients using both android and iOS gadgets. The cost of mobile app development along with the minimal possibility to comply with digital marketing has developed a quest among developers to seek an efficient platform that could code for both at the same time in minimal investment. 

The popularity of flutter has soared significantly despite its being such a young framework. Here’s a look at how the number of questions about Flutter on StackOverflow has increased as compared to competitors.

Source: Google Developer’s Blog

Google’s Flutter- The novel app development platform!!

Mobile app development with Flutter

Modern cross-platform app frameworks are the tools capable of coding both android and iOS, wherein Google’s open-source app development platform called Flutter apps are leading. Flutter is an app development framework, requiring only minimal coding efforts. The basic structure of this modern cross-platform is built on languages like C, C++, Dart, and Skia Graphics Engine. This article throws light on the major advantages and disadvantages of flutter app development. 

 Advantages of Flutter mobile app development

  • The best platform to develop applications, that work well on all operating system
  • Open-source platform with animation, Cupertino widgets, and gestures for easy customization.
  • Minimal investment with flutter will provide applications on iOS and android at the same time.
  • Can offer highly responsive user interface with customized widgets
  • Multiple languages and data structure support enhances quality app development
  • Flutter applications work on low machines and give high performance
  • The best access and support to ads and inline videos
  • The best and impressive branded designs are easier
  • Straight ward bug fixing and error fixing in real-time
  • Exceptionally neat & clean process of documentation
  • Visual Studio and Android Studio Code enabling improved performance
  • The MVP feature will give the developer an idea of the appeal of the app on both platforms

 Disadvantages of Flutter mobile app development

  • Flutter applications are quite big
  • No support to third-party libraries may affect the performances expecting library support
  • Increased programming tasks may keep the applications busy or engaged in rare.
  • Applications developed with the Flutter framework is not compatible with Android TV and Apple TV
  • Coding with Dart language may be difficult due to the challenging nature of the programming language. However, it supports languages like Java, C++, C#, and Objective-C

“Mobile apps are the best way to provide convenience to customers!”

 Is Flutter Good For Development?

Though the flutter cross-platform has got few disadvantages, the more productive features, and options within the platform to cause the development of apps that will work both in android and iOS itself is a greater advantage!

Why wait- target customers can get covered at best – With Flutter mobile app development, user-friendly applications compatible with android and iOS are born same time at less cost. Get the best flutter mobile app developer for your new mobile app!

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