Chatbots- Tech-arm to add outstanding count on customers

Chatbots- Tech-arm to add outstanding count on customers

Being in a market, where internet penetration is 95%; strengthening digital presence is inevitable for businesses. To get attention from a market where more than 60 % of web traffic is accounted to smartphones, businesses should transform to the next level, where strong and sound digital support that can responsively pick up customer needs.

Chatbot is a trend to pave greater avenues for businesses. With an effective and efficient response system, these tech arm reveals the contributions of artificial intelligence(AI) in the areas of Business. AI-powered chatbots are being used by major Mashreq Bank and Emirates NBD since 2016. Today, the middle east has seen the boom of technological interventions and the adoption of the best tech-practices across every sector. Serving customers in no time is what every business looking for and more businesses are entering chatbots, to get along with the trend of delivering a personalized content experience, shorten response times, streamlined purchase, excellent customer service, etc. Chatbots play an integral role in delivering exceptional business services, hence more sectors are experimenting with the new trend of digital business.

Instant Response

To operate within a market, where customers preferring instant response is a greater challenge for today’s business. Chatbot serves the customers with AI capabilities and assists them quickly in finding answers to typical queries instantly. Chatbots for customer support help the business with minimal investments in time and resources, where organizations need to invest in repetitive tasks.

Chatbots built with robust natural language processing (NLP) and self-learning capabilities offer a sustained conversational experience by gathering huge volumes of customer data across channels and translating it into useful business insights.

Personalized interaction

Chatbot is built with functions to observe, analyze, and transform that could help them to evaluate buyer behavior through collated inputs from earlier interactions. Chatbots thus evaluate the purchase patterns and understand the preferences of the customers and prepare themselves for all required services.

With a strong database, they also show response accuracy, that could improve the effectiveness of an organization’s ‘conversational’ marketing. Providing individual attention to customers of a market, where the majority go behind personal preferences, Chatbots support business by informing and updating individual buyers. This is particularly critical for businesses in the UAE, where 65 percent of customers expect brands to grasp their personal preferences. Via dispensing situation-appropriate responses that motivate a purchase, Chatbots give individual attention with their AI-powered ability and develop well-informed buyer personas.

Timely push

Chatbots AI-powered functions can push out ads, discounts, deals, and purchase reminders to regain the prospect’s attention and get them to take action. The special predictive capacity of Chatbots supports them to precisely turn a prospective customer to a buyer. With automatic sales push strategies following the conversations, Chatbots also convert prospective buyers as customers. With timely alerts on just-released product features, maintenance updates, or hotfixes, they also handle existing customers well.

Chatbot’s ability to pick on the right people at right time, always adds competitiveness to the businesses. With intelligent monitoring of conversations, they promptly notify agents when it’s time for them to take over the conversation. This sort of timely communication is a powerful tool that helps businesses reach and retain customers.

Automate routine

With automated workflows, employees get out of the tedious tasks and these savings can be productively utilized for other developmental interventions of the firm. With a variety of business processes across departments and teams, Chatbots extend greater support and assistance, reducing the effort and time spent in each.

Chatbot is open for all businesses

Today, in the era of technology, Chatbots may sound experimental. But with the seamless integration over marketing and sales, companies like Du have excelled with the best of AI-powered Chatbot in the industry. Getting on with the latest trend, always add modernized business experiences to customers. Investing with the Chatbot can always promise a bright and loyal customer strength to the business.


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