August 2020

Alwafaa Ranked as 4th among the Top Mobile App Development Companies in the UAE

Alwafaa added another golden milestone. Ever since from the inception, Alwafaa is glorified with the continual effort of a great team that is always packed to win. Amid the pandemic and amended work culture, the Mobile app development team of Alwafaa had won a greater title this year. The 4th Top Mobile App Development Company in the UAE, a perfect reward for a team that always comes without box strategies and cutthroat competitiveness.

In the ranking by the popular independent rating company,; Alwafaa is on fourth among the highly competitive 15 companies. The company has survived parameters like the technical expertise, extensive portfolio, Client reviews, and quality of the project. “With enormous satisfied clients, we had achieved a tremendous annual growth rate and client rate as well- The complete credit goes to my team and beloved clients who realized this. We are very delighted and encouraged to give more. We are grown more of responsibility and soon awaiting to meet more awards and appreciation.”- Said Mr. C Muneer, CEO of Alwafaa Group of companies.


Alwafaa, a proud companion of Work from Home Revolution

A better and healthy environment is always essential to make anything productive. In the context of COVID-19 outbreak and pandemic forced lockdowns, Businesses across the world are experiencing an ever seen crisis and difficult challenge of being in operation with employees. Being the popular talent-centric IT and digital solutions company in Dubai, the Alwafaa group has extended the extremity of care and concern to 100 percent of employees. The company has set up everything required to work in a remote system, and from March 2020 a new work culture has developed within the company, as similar to the way of routine office.

“We understand that still, the situation stays difficult for some of our team. We had given in a greater concern to our majority employees living with family here, provided that only 30 percent shall resume with routine office schedules from July 2020”- Said Mr. C Muneer; CEO of Alwafaa Group. We are hopeful to move with full confidence and strength amid the question of sustaining the depressed economy productively. The global business sector is undergoing a necessary transition to challenge with this unprecedented interruption on both operational and managerial performances. Hence, Alwafaa is also adapting to the new culture and normalcy- The CEO added.

UAE’s leading IT and Digital solutions company has coupled advanced technology and trends well to adapt to the new reality. Together in the run to curb the widening of COVID-19, Alwafaa group and the entire team is continuing to prepare to fight and get used to the new normalcy.

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