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Web hosting is a service that enables individuals or organizations to formulate their website which gives access to the World Wide Web. Websites are hosted on a special computer known as servers. Whenever any users are trying to view your website they will get connected to the server and the web page will display all the information stored in the server. Hosting is setting a suitable server to properly manage with the websites of any type.

What to expect with Web Hosting Services?

Web hosting delivers the most important data hub to the client. The entire information and data are molded through access to the World Wide Web. With the best Web Hosting provider, clients will get a reliable and responsive website and also Email accounts, FTP access, and WordPress support


Types of Web Hosting

There are various options to choose the type of web hosting. Every type is meant to provide smooth website experience, but the needs on storage capacity, access, and control, technical requirements, server speed, reliability, etc., determine what type a company has to move on with hosting. A professional web hosting agency can guide through these well. The following types of Web hosting are popular in the industry.

1. Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting stands for the use of virtual resources of several servers in a way to host Websites. In cloud hosting resources are shared to achieve economies of scale. Cloud hosting is a competitive web hosting service for information processing. Multiple simple servers are framed out of a large physical server with the help of virtualization soft wares. Organization setup cloud servers to realize their routine functions on workloads with the information storage system. These servers are built, hosted and delivered via cloud computing platforms using the internet. They are also known as virtual servers.


Special features of cloud hosting:

  • Serves the entire organization with all information like an on-premises server
  • Store large volume of information
  • Help the users to work on comprehensive workloads
  • Provides customer-friendly payment mode
  • Option for a shared hosting plan
  • Availability of on-demand automated services.

Benefits of cloud hosting:

  • Stability- Cloud hosting helps you to maintain stability throughout data processing even if another user overloads their cloud server.
  • Reliable- Compared to the traditional hosting these are more reliable. If there are any issues, resources can be easily moved from one to another.
  • Cost-effective- As the clients have to pay according to their usage, cost reduction can be done accordingly and even complete reduction if no longer they are in need.
  • Flexible- Cloud hosting is highly flexible for modifying with additional resources. This makes it more convenient for customers who may face future amendments to resources.
  • Scalable- Cloud hosting is helpful for an organization whose needs may fluctuate with different situations. Users were able to scale computing and storage resources as per requirements.
  • Integration- The entire networks in an organization is coordinated with cloud hosting in a way to provide uninterrupted service and high traffic.

2. Virtual Private Server Hosting

Virtual private hosting is a type of server hosting which uses its operating system. In the virtualization of hosting, one core server is divided into multiple virtual servers. VPS allows clients to have privacy where they don’t have to share data. VPS works on the virtualization of a server into different private units to grab more efficiency on performance. It is more like physical hardware separated into many hard wares and functions individually. The virtual server one is using will be exclusively for them only.


Why choose VPS?

  • Cost-effective and affordable
  • High performance
  • Security to resources
  • Privacy

Benefits on having a Virtual Private Server Hosting

  • Quick server set up
  • Better server access
  • VPS works on private environment
  • A similar level of services as of dedicated server

3. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most economical hosting type as it shares different servers for data storage and processing. In shared web hosting, many web servers are connected on the internet. The cost of server maintenance is highly reduced as it is shared by various servers.


Advantages of shared hosting

  • Shared servers are cheaper as there is no high investment on exclusive servers
  • Administration and maintenance of the server are done by hosting provider.
  • More than one database
  • MySQL and PHP support
  • No technical knowledge of servers is required.
  • Shared hosting services in Dubai

4. Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated server is an internet hosting exclusively made for a particular client. Here, they do not share the managed hosting service with anyone. This server is usually configured and operated remotely by the client firm.


Why you should go for dedicated hosting?

  • The server is exclusively dedicated to the company
  • Information related to the company only exists in the server
  • The higher security on being exclusive with data storage.

Benefits of dedicated hosting service

  • Dedicated resources
  • Flexibility and scalability services and applications can be made easily as you have the root access to the server.
  • Improved reliability and performance
  • Security
  • No capital or upfront expenses

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