Benefits of Hosting your Emails with Us

In the growing digital world, standard mode of communication among everyone is internet. Significance of adapting this mode of communication for individuals and business is becoming more each day. Email has become the primary means of communication among individuals and businesses.

Why organization requires email hosting service?

There are multiple resources for creating free email accounts on the web, which act as reliable and convenient for personal use. But being on the part of confidential communication of the organization, free email hosting is not preferable as it involves numerous risks. Reduced archiving ability, risk of spammers, lack of customer support, no delivery guarantee etc. are the high risks associated with free email accounts on web, which all will affect the productivity of the organization.

Email hosting plays a vital role in the existence of a business setup. It is mandate for small, medium to large enterprises to facilitate uninterrupted communication.  Professional email hosting, exclusively customized according to the client’s specification will fine tune overall business activities by advantaging with various features and benefits involved in it.

Hosting of email servers is an expensive task that requires expertise assistance. It is better to outsource email hosting service providers for your email solutions as organizations do not have the resources to set up and manage their own servers. Email hosting service providers, plays a very crucial role in businesses by providing a stable communication offline or online. They support the business by creating and offering more credible profile for your business.

Benefits on hiring an email hosting service

  • Provide a stable communication
  • Support to build your business credibility
  • Helps to generates customer’s trust on company
  • Raise business by creating professional perception
  • Provide data security to work efficiently

Features of Hosted email


Having a domain name on your business imparts more professionalism and credibility. Conveying your business through each communication will create a unique impact and identity in the market.

Branding Opportunities

The main feature of a hosted email is the brand recall. With each communication initiative your business is putting the domain in front of the customers, vendors, suppliers or anyone associated with business and they will get familiarized with your business. Having a domain name on your business will make it easy to remember your business email as well.


Email hosting will give you a long lasting service, where as a free hosting may disrupt in between which may cause severe loss to the organization. Being an establishment, having an email that will not change of any cause will create more performance.

Department Segmentation

By getting an email hosting for your business, business can have compartment email addresses for each department or team such that each of them can work efficiently without lags or delays. Even if your company is small or big, having separate email id’s for each department at your business domain will help you to organize mails and also add more credibility to the business.

Benefits of Email hosting


Every business is dealing with highly confidential communication. Having an own email account on web will reduce the risk of encryption that we find on free web mail hosting providers. So highly sensitive data and information can be securely communicated with veracity, if business own an email account hosted for them exclusively.

Establish authority and trust

Owning an email on your business domain will show the professionalism and credibility of the business to clients, vendors and others who are in touch with organization. Getting in touch with the business through their official email domain will please them too.

Storage space

Email hosting service will provide enough capacity to store all communication of the business. Many email hosting plans will already have a massive storage space per mailbox. Based on your specification, email hosting providers will deliver adequate storage space to deal your business with mass volume of critical messages. Company email hosting provide flexibility on the users to increase or decrease storage limit.


Business email hosting is not a costly approach, if you could hire a professional email hosting providers. As you get service from expertise in the industry, spending money to get them is feasible and cost effective in the current business context of digital marketing.

Viruses and Spams

A reliable email host solution will safeguard organizational communication channel and resources. Spam filters and advanced virus scanners will filter and avoid infected emails and other threats on the way to your network. An email hosting service provider ensure that spam mails always remain out of the mailbox of your business.

Address Book

Hosted email accounts let the organization to share its address book to the users such that better communication is experienced.

Why Alwafaa for your Email hosting Dubai?

Your search for the top web hosting companies in Dubai will always end on us!!

Business email hosting Dubai is most economical and reliable with us in Dubai. Alwafaa is one of the top web hosting companies in Dubai. We help small, medium to large organization to set up with business email accounts on business domain. Our professional email service in Dubai will help you to create a domain and structure the pattern of organizations communication with various business emails. The quality and reliability in our service make us the most adopted professional email hosting Dubai. Along with efficient service on requirements on cloud hosting Dubai, we are also excellent in providing dedicated server Dubai.

Why alwafaa for your Email hosting Dubai

Benefits of hosting your email with us

Advanced Threat Protection

Getting a service on web hosting Dubai with Alwafaa will give your business an additional protection on email services. The add-on features and security measures implemented by our expert engineers will deliver you the best email hosting Dubai. Our monitoring services and throughout support will strengthen safety to your business email.

Not Just an Email

Being one of the top web hosting companies in Dubai, alwafaa is offering a bundle of features with our email hosting Dubai. Business could benefit on having options to manage with calendar, contacts, tasks etc. With our email hosting Dubai Your business can share and sync every communication about your business at one place.


Our team of web hosting Dubai is dedicated and committed to provide assurance for every client to have an access on their emails whenever they are on need through backups and proactive redundancy.

Mobile Device Synchronization

All of our email hosting Dubai is delivered with a feature of mobile device synching facility.  Ability to access your connections, calendars, and email folders with your tablet or smart phone will support you throughout such that no chance of any loss by being away from business. This feature will let you not to miss anything about business while on the go.

Data Management and Data Loss prevention

As compliance and data protection is the foremost expectation of every client who seeks email hosting Dubai, we are happy to deliver it effectively through our service on web hosting Dubai.  Our business email hosting will be archiving emails in your searchable database and keeps you informed of what employees are sending and receiving. We also include proactive rules-based tools that can send alerts to designated personnel if someone handling any sensitive data.

Get on with team alwafaa for every queries and free consultation with our specialists and have a look at the business prospectus you could earn with our Hosted Email service.

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