#SocialFacts: Do We Actually Know How to #HashTag?

What is #hashtag?

It is a word or a phrase use to identify a message on a specific topic that comes before a hash sign. If promoted by enough individuals, can “trend” and attract more individual users to the discussion.

 When hashtag started?
#hashtag started way back in 23rd of August 2007 first used in a tweet by a former Google developer, Chris Messina.

Fun Facts on #Hashtags

  1. Numbers only is not allowed to hashtag otherwise it will not be hyperlinked
  2. Words with numbers can be incorporated in one hashtag, e.g. #alwafaadubai2019
  3. If you have hashtag one word e.g #mydubai, another same word will not be hyperlinked.
  4. Hashtags are not case sensitive; a search for “#hashtag” will find “#HashTag
  5. Languages which do not use letters are handled slightly different.
  6. The misuse of hashtags can lead to account suspensions. Twitter warns that adding hashtags to unrelated tweets, or repeated use of the same hashtag without adding to a conversation, could cause an account to be filtered from search, or suspended

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