Alwafaa Group Annual Sports Day 2018

The best things in life are often waiting for you at the exit ramp of your comfort zone. – Karen Salmansohn

Alwafaa’s Annual meet 2k18 brought out a broad view of the state of Happiness with the art in a passionate profession, this was a magnificent day for the whole mind of Alwafaa family. The story of the 17th year leading all the way from the past with 3500+ Customers reminds us of the hard work of the team.

And by the Morning Bliss from 10.30am, the Games and Activity started at Smart football Academy. Our CEO Mr. Muneer, GMs Mr. Abdul Sameekh & Mr. Abdul Razik geared up the day with vibrant words, When the teams Green Hub, Blue Chip, Red Hat, and White Cloud lined up in the tracks with their uniform dress codes and caps that was a colorful view. Mr. Muhammed Anas & Ms. Athulya Anil being the emcees of the day coordinated events of the day.

The tight competitions till the noon, showed up the logical brilliance and sportsman spirit of each Alwafaain throughout the Games.

With the tasty and classy noon buffet, the intelligence was questioned with the Quiz Competition lead by our CEO being the Quizmaster was an eye-opener. And in the later time, the whole family witnessed the Skill of Singing of each Alwafaain. The excited Badminton Championships and the fun games with the friendly Cricket and Football matches colored the afternoon. Meanwhile, after that, the stage was filled in by the Girls’ and Boys’ Group dances as a Surprise event of the day. The presence of Alwafaa team member’s family was a joyful moment for us. The Little Masters simply made us activate the adrenaline flow even in our bloodlines. These cute little champs sparkled the venue with their fun and presence.

And it was super curious to reveal out the points and champions of the Day the Team Blue Chip Lead by Mr. Nidhin and Vice-captain Sithara bagged the Ever-rolling Champions Trophy and Team Red hat lead by Mr. Afsal and Vice-captain Riya Anishlal bagged the Runner-Up Trophy. Team White Cloud of Mr. Deepak and Soofiya, Team Green Hub of Ms. Ebini and Ajmal made their position 1st & 2nd Runners-up Respectively.

Into the end of the day, the superb mind blowing words of our CEO on the success story of ‘Alwafaa Life’ made us get the full-fledged energy back to run into work. With the sweet moment of cake cutting and the last steps of enjoyment, the day wrapped into full happiness. This was again a day to proudly say aloud, I’m Alwafaa.

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