Alwafaa Group Announces the Promotion of Employees

No matter how big a crowd may be, there will be a person who will stand out for their abilities, skills and positive attitude to lead a team.

On 21st of October 2017, the General Manager of Alwafaa Group, Mr. Abdul Sameekh hosted a company meeting together with the CEO, Mr. Muneer C and with the presence of Department managers and team members, it was indeed a great day started with warm welcome and of course, with the motivational words from the founding father of Alwafaa, Mr. Muneer. – ‘’In Alwafaa, we don’t count by heads, we count by hearts’’ and it was proven that in Alwafaa, everyone has a chance to grow, just showcase your talent and all your hard work will be paid off! After the inspirational message, the special announcement has been declared, the upgrade of selected team members for their exceptional skills, dedication, capabilities and positive attitude, the program has concluded with a healthy lunch.

Hats off to these newly promoted family members!

Software/Mobile App Development Team Lead  – Mr. Bibin Mathew

Head of External Operations – Mr. Mohammad Ali

Web Development Team Lead – Mr. Rahmathullah

Digital Marketing Team Lead – Mrs. Chris Dona

Client Communication Officer – Ms. Narcelie

Senior UI/UX Designer – Developer– Mr. Mohammad Shavad

Senior Programmer –  Mr. Hasif Saheb

Senior SEO Specialist – Mrs. Neethu Gineesh

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