Haven’t you just checked your Facebook? Yeah! And Instagram? The answer will be yes! We are addicted to the new trends of getting socialized and nobody can be blamed for that. Have you ever thought of giving your vital information before signing up for those sites?

We are all living in the internet era of socializing and may not be aware of the term ‘social engineering’. In simple words, it is the indirect manipulation to collect personal and important information from people and making use of it. For online purchases and account creations, your e mail Id and password will be asked. In case we are not ready to provide, our access will be denied. Usually, we tend to give the information because none of us have the required time to sit and read the long list of terms and conditions.

There are many risk factors involved in social engineering that people can easily hijack your information and make use of it. One of the major ways to utilizing the information is via E mails. We may just click on the attached documents and download it. It may contain the virus to take over the entire information on your phone or personal computer. In order to give it back, you may need to pay the required amount demanded by the hacker.

Another method to collect the information is by making prank calls by which the person, on the other hand, asks for the PIN number and other details just by mentioning your name. Your phone number and e mail Id can be accessed by any person from telephone directories or elsewhere. The tricky part is that when they speak so convincing, we will just pass on the information which will end up in losing your money.

Online contests, messages as ‘you win one million’, sign in to get a free laptop etc. are all fake information and we need to be very careful in clicking such links and downloads. The best method is to have difficult passwords and change it for various accounts. In case you are dealing with online e payments, make sure it is genuine and do not share the information with anyone. None of the banks will call up and ask for the PIN from its customers because it belongs to them only. In case you get the calls as threatening, do not hesitate to call the police and ask for help.

Give a bit of attention to the things you do in daily life and avoid the risk factors of getting manipulated by a stranger! Be smart and act smart!

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