Online world is shocked after the warning information from UAE Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) this Saturday regarding the cyber-attacks. A new group of hackers had entered in the scene, commonly known as ‘wannacry’. Once the victim clicks on the links from unknown sources, the worm/ virus attacks the entire system and encrypts files. All files remain locked and inaccessible. This is affecting various institutions all over the world in a short span of time. It is really pointing fingers at the security of online platforms which is the source of many business co-operates all over the world.

As per the Facebook screenshots of NHS computers, the hackers leaves a message like “Oops, your files have been encrypted” on the screen. Then the information related to the required amount to be paid for the unlocking will pops up. The first payment due will be for 3 days and if they fail to pay, the amount doubles. In case no reaction from the victims, the files will be deleted. It is a very serious issue that many files will be costing a lot and may be concerned with the key security of the company.

According to Kaspersky researcher Costin Rain, there are 45000 attacks cited in 74 countries. Since the worm spreads so quickly, the affected cities number can be more. It is spreading worldwide and targeting random places for the attack.  The technique used by the hackers is called ransom ware’ which automatically encrypts the files once clicked on the link which is send via mails.

Recent reports from Britain shows the attack on hospitals which badly interrupted ambulance service, immediate shut down of computers and delaying of operations. This was reflecting the brutality of the hackers who literally played with the lives of people in hospital.

On the contrary a researcher had accidentally found the ‘kill switch’ which can prevent the spread of the ransom ware. But it cannot be useful for the systems which are already affected. At least it can help in further spread of the virus by updating it. Still, it can be re structured by the hacker by changing the coding. As per Kaspersky, a team of hackers named ‘shadow brokers malware’ had discovered the flow from NSA in 2016 itself. Unlike other attacks, the malware is spreading primarily from machine to machine and not only by email.

Every government is sending alert notices for co-operates to be aware of the new threat to security. Clicking on the emails from unknown sources has to be avoided completely to make sure safety of your files and documents.

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