Sealed a Back to Back Deals for E-Commerce with Full Digital Marketing

Alwafaa Group Sealed Back to Back Deals for E-Commerce with Full Digital Marketing

‘’Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try’’ – Apart from the fast growing workforce of Alwafaa Group Team , Projects has extremely increased as well; Hats off to Team Alwafaa and to our CEO – Mr. Muneer.

It’s always interesting to strike the deals with different groups back to back! By the grace of Almighty, Alwafaa Group signed up two major deals in a day, a remarkable achievement, with the full support of team Alwafaa, full credits to the entire team members. With Lootah Group for their Lampuga and with Korea Dubai Group at Silicon Oasis for their Shoe Cry! The companies are both for Complete E Commerce Solutions with full Digital Marketing in the UAE.

‘’No matter how big or small you are, if you fall in love with what you do, things will fall in place however you want! Believe in yourself, believe in your team, build a trust with your customers, follow your passion, everything will be at your wish and will. Big hugs and thanks to all our happy customers for their unconditional support always.’’ – A message from Alwafaa Group CEO – Mr. Muneer.

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