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Logo and Banner design in Dubai

Logo Designs from Al Wafaa group We create, design and implement attractive and state of the art Banners, which are most useful, powerful and strong media to bring attention of the visitors towards any special events or promotions on a web site. These logos will increase the traffic by getting the attraction of the visitors. Our flash designers will deliver attractive flash website and banners. Having a well experienced and expert designing team at alwafaa Group, we help to build our customers the most attractive designs for their online business. Alwafaa Group as a flash website and designing company in Dubai, can deliver attractive flash websites and Banners with reasonable prices. We are ready to deliver very attractive design services for flash websites, logo, flash and Ecard etc in Dubai, UAE using most advanced and latest design tools and technologies. Banner Ads These are always the best way to create the brand awareness. The logos are remembered by the public more than that of television Ads as they are always on the go with internet. The Ad banners are always the best way to create awareness and the effective way of bringing more customers to the web site and to increase the traffic to any web site. Alwafaa – the One-stop solutions for ads, creative & design Display advertising is mainly depends on ads and it's the best way to give a good impression to those who watch it once. There are some points for the high success rates of banner ads :

They are used widely for the excellent brand marketing. As a matter of fact, the audience or visitors or the general public keep the impression of 20% more than that of TV ads. An Ad logo is considered to be the best and effective way of bringing traffic to your web site quicker than free classified ads. Banners tempt the visitors to click on the banner to take them to the portal page or web site page directly.

Al Wafaa Group, is specialized in creating high quality, creative flash, Jquery and interactive logos. To improve the CTR's, Flash and Jquery are used to create more visually appealing, animated logos that carry more text, frame and more information.

Al Wafaa Group designs flash and JQuery which is always attract more people and clicks than a static image which remains still.

We design different Types of logos